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Don't Forget To Vote On Tuesday 11/6!

Dakota Slim

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How could I possibly forget. :rolleyes:

I get at least 8 calls EVERY day from THE SAME party workers, of course, at dinner time. :barnie:

I'm so sick of the crap comming from both sides.

I'm in election shut down mode.

I've stopped watchin' programmed TV (lots of vidios on hand :yesss: ), closed the door on

several door knockers and only use the radio for road and weather reports.

I can't wait for it all to be over and get back to some normalcy.

I'm almost to the point that I don't care who gets in, just stop bombarding me with their reterick!

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AMEN--for Roseanne Barr as at least we'd have a flaming byatch to protect us 1 week outta the month :4chsmu1: mines been done for a week and 2 days of constant showering to remove the filth,stench and degregation....... :yesss:

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This is the first year in twenty five years that I will miss working as inspector at the polls, But i did manage to get my two cents in early as I can't stand in that line too long since surgery. Give e'm hell guys.........

Old Tom

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I read through the propositions this morning, and tried to make sence of them so I could make somewhat informed decisions on the ballot. Alot of them are so darned confusing though. Prop 119 and 120 seemed to be a potential concern for us small time prospectors. I have filled my early ballot out and it will be in the mail tomorrow :thumbsupanim

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The deadline for sending in early ballots in AZ was Wed or Thurs last week (10/31-11/1) if memory serves me.

You'll have to take it to any polling place on Tuesday. Nice thing, you don't have to take to your designated polling place and you don't have to wait in line.

I voted against Prop 120. The state has no beetle to enforce it, they are preempted by Fed law, the prop has no discussion of mineral leases, and we would be stuck with the whims of the state in matters of land management.

Although many of the prop's supporters are the extreme enviros, BLM and FS have been more apt to work with access groups such ad BRC, ASA4WDC, and the like than AZ State Land Dept.

AZ and NM are unique from the other 48 states in our land management and how our lands are appropriated. But nothing in that will make 120 be worth a darn.

Prop 119 allows the state to more freely exchange lands with Dept of Interior. This can easily close off land and invalidate active claims as well as make it impossible to reach areas. AZ State Land is not public land. It is held in trust and money made from lease and sale goes (some but not the majority, as it's supposed to) to fund education.

I voted against all three props having yo do with land in AZ. There was one talking about the funds dispersal from State Land stating that money will be given to the education slush fund every year, not just in times of feast. This doesn't provide for times when budgets are tight and would force cuts elsewhere that could affect security and first responders.

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