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Oklahoma: Significant Pro-gun Reforms Take Effect Tomorrow

Tomorrow, November 1, the pro-gun reforms contained in NRA-Supported Senate Bill 1743 and Senate Bill 1733 will take effect. As you may recall, Senate Bill 1743 is known as the “Landowner’s Hunting Freedom Act,” and allows Oklahoma landowners and their guests to use lawfully possessed suppressors (also referred to as silencers) on firearms for hunting. Also, previously reported on here, Senate Bill 1733 is an omnibus firearm bill containing significant improvements to Oklahoma gun laws, including allowing concealed carry permit holders the choice of open carrying. Both of these important bills received strong support in the state Legislature this past session, and were signed by Governor Mary Fallin in May 2012.

The NRA-ILA would like to congratulate the Sooner State on this significant advancement of our Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage, and thank our dedicated NRA members who took an active role in this process by contacting state legislators and Governor Mary Fallin to encourage their support.

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The late Charlton Heston's Basement…

Let's see.

1. A couple of hundred million dollars of spending money.

2. A Federal Firearms License to own automatic and crew served weapons.

3. A qualified contractor to build the vault.

4. Forty years plus of gun collecting.

Throw in the presidency of the NRA and you have a veritable museum collection in your own basement.

My man, Moses & Ben Hur.


The late Charlton Heston's Basement.....

Now this is a 'Gun Safe'!





Nothing like being prepared!

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Oklahoma now allows "open carry"??? In New Mexico we have always been able to carry open, anywhere except the federal list...bars, banks, schools, etc, We just could not carry CONCEALED and loaded. if the weapon was unloaded we could carry concealed anywhere. Now, we have a concealed carry law that allows us to conceal a loaded weapon, so we are covered.

As far as hunting with a silencer I dont see it as a huge issue. Who would want to do that anyway? It is not a matter of gun control but one of SPORTSMANSHIP here. The Feds have the corner on the silencer market with the permit for a silencer to be legal, not the states. Regardless of what any State says is legal to hunt with the Feds are still the hurdle you must clear to get a silencer or a fully auto weapon. That $200 permit is the sticker.

Anyone that wants to hunt silenced for whatever reason could do so without any chance of trouble. It is sort of like legalizing that fourth beer in public. it is not an issuse for anyone at all. Not many hunters would take advantage off it and not many who had a permit for a silencer would want to hunt with one.

The open carry law should be universal. That is in effect gun control. If you cant carry openly, and you cant carry without a conceraled permit you simply CANT CARRY witbhout permission from Uncle Sugar! It confounds the whole "Right to bear arms" thought!

I like our laws here. Everyone carries with no worry. The only reason that we even needed a concealed carry law was that our "radical liberal Democratic governor" wanted women to be covered carrying in their purses and the law did not provide for that. So he championed a bill for the concealed carry permit.

And if someone was caught by a Game Warden huunting with a silencer here I don't think they would get more than a small citation that would be dismissed by the judge or get a small fine. If they could show the Federal papers for the equipment that is the main thing. The charges from the State would be splitting hairs and most judges would not see it as a big deal at all.

it just contrasts the diffetrence in between a state that has stricter gun control laws like Oklahoma grasping for some low hanging fruit to allow some basic freedoms back into their gun laws. States like New Mexico have NEVER had laws that restrict carrying other than the Federal. Folks just would not stand for laws like those in Okla that forbid open carry and only recently allowed concealed carry by permit. The citizens here would RIOT if they could not openly carry a weapon!

We dont hunt from an AYV, a vehicle, over bait, or with silencers This is a matter of fair chase and sportsmanship, not gun laws. Other states allow this sort of behavior but NOT HERE. Only fair chase on foot.

Since anyone can have a silencer in any state for self defense it is just not that earth shaking to be able to use one hunting game animals. Just another State law that is more for political effect that anything else. I could not see hunters anywhere clamoring for silencers, it would be the citizens that need to be able to carry without permission from the Big Government Overlords of Oklahoma that took their right to carry a gun away in the first place.

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We still have some messed up stuff here in NM.

You can't hunt with a Ruger .22 with a Fold down stock.

Muzzle Attachment of any kind.

Huh? A State law says that? I have never heard of such a thing. You are gonna have to show me I guess.

The stainless 10/22 with a bunch of aftermarket stuff bolted onto it is pretty popular for rabbits and squirrel, and a lot of guys carry them as ranch rifles and backpackers. I have never heard of any restrictions and it would seem that any regs like that would be printed in the hunting proclamation. I am not saying that you are wrong but I have never heard of any rules here that restrict the things you speak of.

Heck, I know a guy that was appointed to the State Game Comission (Salopek) and he has a pair of 10/22's mounted on his jeep with a crank handle and no stock at all. it is like a double barrel gatling gun that he uses to shoot jackrabbits. Both barrels have a flash suppressor. He is not hunting protected game animals with it though.

Educate me man! Link to that one and show me!

Even if it is true it is a HUNTING law and not a DEFENSE or CARRY law. It is about SPORTSMANSHIP and does not interfere with self defense in any way. We are NOT guaranteed the right to hunt with whatever we want in the US. But at least our right to keep and bear arms has not been infringed like in so many other places like Oklahoma and California where personal defense rights are being whittled away every day. In these places people are having to fight to get them BACK. I will give you all the silencers in Oklahoma to keep from having to beg the authorities on bended knee for a permit to simply carry my weapon (concealed or not)!

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Bob, I'm just going buy what a Game Warden told me one day.

Yea, I have to look it up my self.

Besides! May need a Bayonet on them Coyotes that come rushing in on ya!

Maybe he was blowing Smoke!

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LOL! My dad had the same Ruger Twin set up on a Tri Pod.

Looked sorta like Mini Twin 50's with a vented Guard over the berrels.

Mounted Back to Back the Mags poked out to the sides.

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The only game species that a .22 can be used on is grouse and squirrel. No restrictions on the weapon at all. You could not legally hunt any other game animal with a .22 of any kind but there are no restrictions other than that. Page ten of the proclamation tells you that.

Guys can say a lot of stuff that is not true. We see that every day right here on this forum. But what they say and how it is in reality are two different things.

The ONLY restrictions on firearms are on caliber. They simply dont want you hunting big game with a gun that is too small. It is only a matter of SPORTSMANSHIP and not one of GUN CONTROL. There is none that say anything about folding stocks or muzzle attachments (other than silencers).

And if there are ever any questions on what you can or can not hunt with the hunting proclamation is on line. Also, every law in New Mexico is posted online for all to read. There is a great search engine and they are all organized by topic in the NMSA. So any time anyone spins a tall tale about a law here all you need to do is go to the Statutes and find out what the law really says. It is all plain talk, easy to find, and no mysteries at all.

You can hunt with whatever type of .22 rifle you want to here. Dont fall prey to lies told by someone who does not know or is feeding you a line. Just take the three seconds it takes to find out the real scoop on what the law says. That is the beauty of America! All our laws are written down for everyone to see and no one can claim ignorance or bust you for bullcrap. And every man has access to the truth, the only question is the motivation to simply find the truth for himself. Those who feed you a line are relying on you taking their BS for face value and not checking it out for yourself.

So rest assured there is no law like the one you spoke of in this state. The ONLY laws restricting guns are FEDERAL and local/state ordinances on privately held public property such as parks and public buildings that encompass ALL weapons regardless of configuration. As a matter of fact there is a law that says our State can not restrict or limit a man's right to keep and bear arms. Our constitution here predicted this a long time ago and wrote it down way back when!

So there you have it! Any fears that they have restricted firearms in any way can be safely put to rest.

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The NRA/ILA has a website that gives a couple of pages of info on each state.


As a New Mexican I have always been shocked to find out what I can and can't do when I travel to various places. Especially with gun laws. I am generally breaking the law whenever I get across the state line in all three directions, but Texas honors a Comanchero's right to pack his gun outside his pants as long as he is on the road.

I never even thought about it until one evening driving up the highway out in California. I saw an indoor shooting range and so I got off that insane asylum that is the freeway for some theraputic powder smoke. I pulled my S&W out from the bench seat of my Ford pickup and unloaded it. I holstered it and carried it in my hand into the range.

There were about four guys in there and they all about shat themselves. "Where is your case???" one screamed! The other three gave me a disgusted look. I immeditely knew there would never be a real bond with these guys. I was quickly schooled on how things went and how many laws i was breaking just walking in there with an unloaded weapon in a holster. How I was carrying ammunition and a gun together. Traveling from out of state and across county and precinct lines with a loaded gun. All sorts of things. And then one of them said in an ominous voice, "Just wait 'till FRANK gets here!"

I just spun around and was headed out the door and they all shat some more. The one fellow politely but firmly stopped me and said he could not let me leave without properly securing MY WEAPON! it was at that point I realized that I was in California. About the time I was going to break a law that I was familiar with (assault and fleeing the scene thereof) a big ol' cop came in the door. Bob, meet Frank. Frank, meet Bob.

Frank was a nice guy but he was by the book. Over tea and crumpets he explained a few laws to me and could only allow me to leave the joint if'n my revolver was unloaded, in a locked case, and I had no ammunition on my person. He would allow me the dignity to voluntarily turn over any ammunition without a search of my person or belongings. He emphasized this was a favor to me because I was a nice guy and from out of town. Gee thanks Frank!

I chose a locking pistol box that met Califaztlan specifications from the friendly range proprietor and laid the six rounds in my front pocket on the table with a $100 bill. I got about $10 worth of change and some specific instructions on how to proceed on my journey through the land of fruits and nuts with a combat revolver. So much for relaxing to the smell of gunpowder. The freaking roller derby highway looked a lot better!

A lot of states have very different ideas of the "proper" way to carry. And a fellow could definitely get in trouble if he got into the wrong circumstances unwittingly. Especially a guy like me that assumed you could just pack a gun anywhere you wanted to as long as it was safe and not in a sensitive area. An indoor range would have been the LAST place I figured I would have trouble.

Here, any adult person with no felony convictions can carry a loaded gun on their hip anywhere they want to, within reason. If it is out of place (like in a supermarket or in church) the cops may check you out or the proprietor can ask you to leave. But you are breaking no laws (unless you refuse to leave). BUT, you can't have a HIDDEN, LOADED weapon without a permit. A ladies purse and the glove box of an automobile has always been the unwritten exception and although technically illegal it was rarely enforced.

It just makes sense. As long as it is out in the open for God and everyone to see there should be no problem. You just cant hide it from people. if you are going to do that then you need to take the course and that is just qualifying in proficiency and learning the laws. In Oklahoma I am assuming that you must hold a concealed carry permit to carry loaded and only recently have permit holders been able to carry openly. So unless'n you have the permit you simply cant carry a loaded weapon at all! And when I was in Califaztlan years ago you could not even have ammuniton near you and your gun had to be under lock and key at all times.

Better hit that website before travelling, eh?

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