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Hi ,

I am new to this site but it seems there are quite a few people that know their stuff. Here is my story and it is heartbreaking.

About 7 years ago when I was just fresh out of being a teenager I was running the excavator clearing my dads lot for his new house. I passed by a run I just made and saw a nice white piece of quartz in the dirt, but thats not what caught my eye. The sun was glaring off this rock in an unusual way. I shut of my machine and jump out and go pick up the quartz and It was busted in half but I saw a lot of gold colored flakes on the surface of the freshly broken of edge. Here is where the heart ache comes in, being young and stupid I just laugh and said yeah right it cant be real. So I then took the quartz rock and threw it as far as I could deep in the woods. I had no idea back then that gold was even found in quartz and I just want to run my face into a wall now for being so dumb.

Here is the interesting part of the story, my dad got laid off , foreclosed on and I have a feeling this piece of land is loaded with gold and no one knows about it.

This is also in a place in Virginia where finding gold would be unheard of. Most of virginia's gold seems to be reported mainly in the northern va area.

I lived in between two mountains with a creek running not to far from here. I want to go back, maybe 7 people live down this whole street and I dont know where to start. Should I climb up on some of the mountains? Should I go pan the creek? I know I shouldnt go back in a yard that is no longer mine. I dont know what to do and have never looked for gold before. I know what I found in my old yard was gold trapped in quartz. So my question is what would some one with experience do? and how would they go about trying to find gold somewhere they no longer live. I know the creek is only about 10 feet wide but two huge mountains drain into this creek. I am almost 100 percent certain, no one has ever looked for gold in this area. like I said there are only 7 houses down the whole street and they have not been there more than about 10 years. This was all untouched land before we built here and the others shortly after us built here. ALL VIRGIN GROUND. Any advice would be appreciated,



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Do some test panning in the creek. At least that way you're no sneaking around on bank property.

Just know that pyrite is also found in quartz. But you won't know unless you try.

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