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ATV rifle grips

Beeper Bob

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Bill and many others on here do also.

One risk I see with it was realized this past weekend when Mike flopped his quad over...

The ends of the detector (just happen to also be the most pricey parts) hang off either side of the vehicle and are susceptible to damage from narrow trails or possible accidents on the vehicle.

When Mike flopped over he was 'lucky' that it went to the side of the coil and only broke the lower shaft. Between our group we had plenty of lower shafts to share (I had three extras on board... Take that Sarge! :) ) so his day wasn't ruined, but it still sucks.

I like how Frank C did his setup in that it encases and protects the control box and mounts the detector longitudally front to back beside him.

The control box isn't swinging around and bumping along and the coil is strapped down to the front rack.

It does limit your ability to exit that side of the machine, but that's a small trade off when you're talking about a detector worth almost as much (sometimes more) than the machine to which it's strapped.

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That rifle rack close to mine,detector too. It,detector, does just fine but upn' the air rifle rack snags on bushes,loves to rub on the poison oak when ya drive by and first thing to catch lf/ when a rollover. PS never shoot your rifle after a long ride around poison oak country as ifn' ya gotta pee you can make a REAL mess :old: outta your junk from residues-NOOOOOOO fun - :stupidrb: John

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