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Quit some time ago I got the idea of building a .308 shooter. I have a CZ 550 heavy in this caliber for long range shooting and prairie dogs up to 500 yards. (Cross hairs pretty much cover the dogs at that yardage)

I got a friend that is real competent when it comes to working on rifles and with his advice I started gathering what I needed.

I picked up a FN 98 large ring Belgium made action. Replaced the safety and trigger a with a Dakota Safety and a Dayton Traister fully adjustable single stage trigger.To this I added a Shilen made Chrome Molly medium weight fitted barrel with a 1-10 twist and cut to 22". I then got a factory 98 stock which had to be re-shaped to a nice looking stock and added a Ebony foreend to it for looks along with a nice steel grip cap to give it some appeal. (none of the plastic stuff) and a whole lot of oil hand rubbing for a nice sheen look and glsass bedded to fit the barrell. Added a kick-ezz recoil pad. The whole rifle was then sent to a gunsmith up the road where he did a nice bead-blast and a custom matt finish blueing. To top it off I got a set to Leupold bases and 30mm rings and mounted a 2.5-10x44 w/BDC Vortex Vipor HS scope on top. Bore sighted it and took it to the range to run a box of shells thru it. It shoots nice with the Federal Premium168 grain Sierra Matchking BTHP which is what I shoot in the CZ. Will be a dandy shooter for hunting. I suppose I'm bragging here but I like the way it turned out and thought I would share it with you folks








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Allen ... Beautiful gun ... and right up my alley with the low comb straight stock ... I hate the high comb models with the check pad ... just get in the way and for me definitely check busters. Again beautiful gun. .308 or in my case 30-06 is the way to go ... lots of options for both and both are easy to reload with persoanl preferences if you are a mind to.

Mike F

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Allen all on that nice piece is a go.....hope that poor little squirrel up on the mountain don't die of a heart

attack when he hears that German action close on a round.....back in the day I used to collect Belguims... :yesss: .

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That Vortex scope is a good one. I always used a Zeiss, Swarovski or Leupold, but the last scope I bought was a Vortex that I mounted on a Bushmaster .223. I like it a lot. They are the best bang for the buck nowdays. Crystal clear, great warranty and stays zeroed across all magnifications and paralax adjustments.

Nice rifle. I love old school. You cant beat a .308 for getting out there and landing in the same spot every time. And doping the wind is so much easier than a "mouse gun" at great distances. Good for just about anything.

I assume there is not an alloy bedding block in that stock? Just wood bedded in resin?

Good stuff Allen!

Around here you can plumb burn a barrel out shooting varmints...In a HURRY. I can shoot 500 rds a day sometimes. That hard steel barrel will hold up much better than stainless and hold a pattern better too. And the bolt action slows you down and makes it cheaper to fling lead. The only down side would be the .308 recoil after a couple hundred shots.

A buddy of mine shoots a HK AR-10 style .308 and he is tough to keep up with out there on those dogs. He just hits better in the wind. A very good all-around caliber/cartridge no matter what you decide to shoot with it.

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