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210 gpm Water Pump with 10 hp motor


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A local fire department just did a classified ad.

Portable pump, 10 h.p. Briggs & Stratton engine, Gorman-Rupp pump, 210 gpm. Works great. $200 firm.

I am guessing it is about a 3 inch pressure line.

With a price like that, it's hard to ignore. Ideas start popping in my head.

My gold panning buddy has a 2.5 and a 3 inch Proline floating dredges. I have a Jobe highbanker with a 2 inch dredge attachment. Our area of Ohio just has some fine flour gold brought down from Canada by the glaciers in the Ice Age. Gold panning and dredging is just a summer hobby for us.

How big of a dredge could a 10 hp motor and pump support? My Jobe highbanker/dredge has a tiny little Chinese gas motor with a 1 1/2 pressure hose off it. I had to cut a foot off the 2 inch dredge line to get it to have enough pressure to actually suck anything larger than marbles.

Is a 10 hp motor with a 210 gpm pump too much?

If I wanted to utilize this pump and motor, what kind of setup should I look at putting together. As a hobby, I don't want to throw thousands at a project that will be too big to use around here.

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What pressure is that 210gph rating at? Sounds like a small pump on too much HP of an engine to me which equals a lot of volume. For instance if you were to use the same pump on a 5 hp motor you will notice the motor struggling and loading when you say add an additional line to it for hydraulicing or wash downs. The same pump on an 8hp will run 2 or even 3 hoses without struggling. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. On the surface your deal sounds like being a worth while investment.

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PSI is what matters and pump brand as without that info no accurate answer is possible as many MANY types You must compare to your current dredge pumps with a pic or see as most fire pumps are a good volume BUT backpressure kills their output as most depts. getting hi-pressure and dumping low pressure.-John

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A "pressure" pump will push better than a "volume" pump.

A pressure pump has closer tolerances.

I have a 500gpm pressure pump on my water truck, an ex CDF

pumper/tender, and I can hit 100 ft, and soak it, with my side spray.

No problem running two 3" lines @ 90 psi. Can run higher psi but 90

is what I use for my sprays. If it was a volume pump I'd be lucky to hit 60 ft.

It takes me about 8 min. to empty the 4700 gal tank.

Mark Keene, of Keene engineering, told me that I need at least 150 gpm @ 30 psi

to run a 3" dredge nozzle.

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This has to be an extraction (bilge) pump setup from them as I it would have to be much higher volume to deal with feeding hoses or a booster pump for long lines or brush fire duties.

With 10hp you can create a lot of head (with the right pump) for those long lines to the diggins :)

Either way, you could and should get this. The motor alone is worth it and you can put a different pump on if you need to.

To slow it down you just don't peg the throttle. That size may still be overkill, but you'll certainly not want for power.

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Gorman-Rupp pumps at 210g/min are typically measured at zero feet head, 48psi. These are typically known as trash pumps.


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