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Fireball sighting..10/27/2012..Approx 8:15pm

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I walked out of the Walmart where I work, lit up a cigarette, and in front and to the right of me, I watched a fireball travel from my left( S) to the right(NNW) .. It finally extingueshed at approx 35 to 38 degrees above the horizon above the AM-PM sign near the I-40 freeway.

It looked from here to be coming down at close to a 40 degree angle... From where I stood, it looked to be heading towards landfall close to the Rainbow Basin area or Ft. Irwin here in California.. Anyone else see it from other area's so we can try to get a fix??

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I remember you trying to say what you saw as my back was to the west at the time. The fire was between me and you and we were doing a little bit of story telling at the time. The report from Dannysbro would be right for it to be striking 250 miles west of us near Barstow but has anyone else made a report that you have seen? Of course Ft. Irwin and Rainbow Basin are close to Barstow but it could have been at some distance to that also.


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Yeah, everyone got a chuckle from my tied up tongue :)

And I wasn't even drinking LOL

Not heard anything else about it, but I've not looked, either. I just don't know enough about space rocks to know where to look.

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