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Made it to Lynx Creek area


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After all the talk here, and a chance to leave Florida for awhile (just when the hurricane is coming), I finally got to Lynx Creek today. Beautiful day. Tried about three areas with the detector mostly as two places didn't have any water left for panning. Stopped for awhile just beyond the ruins area in the large parking place. There was enough water to pan and a great group of kids showed up to learn to pan. They had a good time it sounded like. Met a few really nice folks too. Oh, did I find anything? Nah, but it was a good day. Ok, I found a tiny piece so small I had to put my reading glasses on and then lost it. Like letting an undersized fish back to grow. Thanks to all of you who posted suggestions to others on where to go, your directions were very good.

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The outing is at Quartzsite this weekend if you have time to run down there. A good chance to hang out and learn from some of the best in the biz. Wish I could be there myself. Sounds like you a great day at Lynx. My GF's sister and her BF are waiting out the storm in Lauderdale on their sailboat.

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Thanks for the invite but have two days of golf with my daughter this weekend. I hope the folks in Lauderdale are doing well. My wife and I lived through a number of those storms when we lived on our boat years ago. Luckly we only suffered some minor damage once when the winds got to 104mph in Beufort, NC. what a storm that was.

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