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Strange Arizona Sonoran Desert Rocks

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Hi All, my name is Steve and this is my first post. I live in the City of Maricopa in Pinal County Arizona so we are surrounded by Indian Reservations and lots of BLM land. I have been living here since 1996 after military service. I got into metal detecting around that time using a White's gold nugget detector. On my last adventure out in the Sonoran Desert Monument area on the backside of Maricopa Mountains we found a spot that had lots of visable quarts above ground as well as below ground. While working this area with my son we found these two rocks that were very strange that I haven't encountered before. One has a definate metal appearance and appears to be melted. They were both found about 6 inches from each other.

I thought I would post them here but do plan on bringing them to ASU Tempe Space and Science open house day next month. Their meterorite center with Dr. Melissa Morris will be allowing the public to bring one sample each to have them look at and tell you whether it is a meteorite or not. My Mother will be bringing her sample she picked up in Adak Alaska back in 1967 that she has been wanting to know about for the last 50 years. My brother will bring one that showed up in his front yard last year that is really weird looking and is about 3 lbs. Left a nice impression in his graveled yard.

So we all have weird rocks to show and I will post mine first. I will get my other family members pictures on here soon. I also saw the listing for the Maricopa meteorite that was found in 1980 but to be honest I don't know why they call it the Maricopa meteorite because it appears to have been found on the outskirts of Phoenix and the Gila River Indian Reservation between South Mountain and the Estrella Mountains. If anybody can explain this that would be great. The listing says 10 miles North of Maricopa but where the GPS coordinates put it is actually 16 miles North of Maricopa. If they said 10 miles west of Maricopa that would make sense to call it the Maricopa Meteorite.





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