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beepin’ trip to Pitkin, CO


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Last month, I went on a no preparation beepin’ trip to Pitkin, CO. My reason for going there was to attend a meeting between the Forest Service and angry Pitkin residents over a FS road closure. I’ve posted what happened at the meeting separately in this forum here:

NS Forums > Miners Rights and Land Use > El Dorado NF Road Closures > Post 13 Oct. 2012

When I think of Pitkin County, Colorado, I think of silver, not gold. But, paraphrasing the words of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s low-life subversive associate, “Never let a trip to the mountains go to waste.” I brought my ML Eureka along with me, and as soon as the meeting was over, I headed up to higher elevation and went looking for yellow rocks.

As usual, I found no gold, but took some scenery photos which I am posting here. The Eureka snagged an old horseshoe at a foot deep, and iron rich pebbles in a mine muck pike that stuck to my pick’s super magnet. I hadn’t seen that behavior before.

Hope you like the photos. As you can see, autumn in Colorado is here in earnest.













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Hi, Rodd and everyone,

Cochetopa is a Ute Indian word meaning, “buffalo emerging.” In the next county over east from me, there is a mountain pass by that name. Back when buffalo roamed the American west, it was a migration route between the lower elevation (~7600 ft.) winter grazing terrain in Colorado’s San Luis Valley and summertime highlands meadow and sagebrush steppe that is now Gunnison County.

Southwestern Colorado experienced a period of intense volcanic activity millions of years ago. Several geologic features have also been named similarly to the mountain pass, e.g. Cochetopa Canyon, Cochetopa Caldera, etc. I have attached a few Cochetopa photos. It’s one of my favorite places.

When I was considering the handle by which I’d call myself, it came down to just two, either “Cochetopa” or “Muck Stick”. :action-smiley-068[1]:




My wife and I used to live for a while in Juneau, AK. I’m aware of how gorgeous B.C. is. Rodd, you and I are fortunate call our surroundings “home”.

Garimpo: Thanks for the nudge. My gold hunting score is absolute zip. Nada. Well, maybe not zip totally. I benefitted from AZO’s nugget detector coaching session last April, and I snagged a 0.3 gm dink off Bunk’s Dream claim. I only need ~90 more and I’ll have an ounce. But, I’m still zip flying solo. Some day...





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