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Conglomerate or breccia

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Hello everyone this summer I spent some time in Nevada. I sent home about 40 lbs of rocks from the desert. I believe all three stones are conglomerates. I'm not sure what the matrix is comprised of but I figure someone might know. The stones were quite rough so I figured I would spend a little time making some cabs. I am quite surprised of there outcome. Any information is well appreciated




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To my understanding, a conglomerate is made up of multiple types of rocks/minerals, not unlike river gravels, whereas breccia is made up of the same host or mother rock that has been fractured/broken up.

I'd say ya have breccia. :old:

Ain't it cool how the most unassuming rocks can polish to a beautiful luster. :yesss:

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Thanks everyone! I found the rocks in Pahrump NV which is about a ten minute ride to CA. It's amazing to see a rough rock and turn it into a a beautiful cabochon. :)

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I must say that I was even surprised to find something there! I did see a lot of trailers and dirt not to mention roads that go no where! One of my prized stones that was given to me was this beauty.

Any one willing to try and guess what it is?


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