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Good day in the hills


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Hey all:

Went out today and the good Lord blessed me with some gold! :yesss:

Found a .4 grammer and a 3.8 gram nugget!

Really cool impressions on the big one from the host rock. Doesnt look like it

walked to far from home :D

It was a great time out and I got the skunk off my back.

:th: <--------Me when I found the lunker!

Taker easy all.

Will bring it down to Quartzsite so you all can touch it!

Tom H.



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Very nice gold, gummy ... Is that AZ, NV or CA gold? ... Keep up the great work ... Cheers, Unc

Low lands AZ.....Lower bradshaw stuff.

Tom H.

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You...YOU!! Yes you...did this to me!


Im adicted now.... :ROFL:


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Well hot dang man, I'll try not to slobber on it at Quartzsite. :woot:

Ill bring some napkins :)

Gonna be a good time out next weekend! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Tom H.

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I'm droolin' on my keyboard. Got skunked Friday at Golden Dreams claim. :grr01: Nice find! :4chsmu1:

Tks Sledge.

A skunk is a good thing...it means your one less skunk closer to getting a nug. :) Mark that wash/area off and mover foward.

Hang in there and keep at it.

Tom H.

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