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Minelab 3500 Problems.

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Hello. I'm having a little problem with my 3500, and wanted to see what you all had to say about it. First off, the problem seems to be the coil connector on the box. I found that everytime I touched the coil wire where it screws into the box I would get erupt noises. So after futher investigation I found that the connector itself was loose...so I opened up the box and tightened it up a little and everything was good. Now its loose again and making all kinds of noise, sometimes it won't ground balance. I'm going to open it up and tighten the connect down again and hope that fixes the problem.

Just wanted to see what you all had to say about these kind of problems with the Minelabs.

Also, how much should I expect to pay for a repair if I had to send it in to Minelab, thanks!

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MGB I had the same problem but don't remember with GP machine it was....I did exactly the same as you

but since I'm a big believer in "lock tight" I backed the nut off on the inside just enough to get a liberal

amount of the red stuff on the threads before I tightened it back down....never had any more problems after


630-401-8157 is the repair center's phone number.....if you decided to send it to them you should first call

them.....just be sitting down when you ask how much! :th:

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You should have a cable clamp or some type of clip arrangement to stabilize the wire after it exits the control box.

Also goop it if you open it up again.

I have not had this problem with my 3500 probably because I have a clip foward of the connector to stabilize the cord.

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Be aware that touching the wire can cause spurious noises that are an electrical effect from grounding the static...(I may be exceeding my knowledge base here, it don't take much to exceed that)...anyway, you should do all that is mentioned above to eliminate any other issues...

your coil connector should be finger-tight but not excessive, have as little twist in the cord where the connector lines up the reciever in the box as possible. I intentionally leave some slack near the box until I get the coil plugged in...then I take another turn by the coil rod if I need it...easier to show you than tell you...


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