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Around here most of the rainy season is over by May so last May I had the mech take the

locker out of the rear diff. on the Toyota since I do most of my driving here in town on

pavement......don't know if the squeeching around corners will hurt anything or not but it

sure gets on my nerves....

Well the rains have returned this time of year (Oct) so it will be more and more rain in the

months ahead....so went to the mech this morning to have the locker replaced in the rear

diff...he was bush so now my appointment is for 1400 today...

On inspecting the pieces I noticed that the four little springs are a little out of alignment and

I'm wondering now if their still good to go....

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I have pulled "lunch box lockers" out, and found broken springs and broken pins. But did not relise there was anything amiss. If you plan on removing it again for the next dry season. I'd say you will be fine. I would order a spring and pin kit before the "next" install

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The little "lunch box" is in and seems to be working....kinda hard to get a diesel to burn rubber....so I went to a

dirt/muddy street and "burned gravel".... result was two little ruts.... :yesss: install only cost $190.00 :200:

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Had the Brownie with me today.....beeped this ravine this morningpost-300-0-11291200-1350672524_thumb.jpg

a lot of dead brush and the bedrock has a lot of step downs....post-300-0-47887700-1350672708_thumb.jpg

these pics were at the top of the ridge and the wash was headed down to the main wash that

is much larger and deeper.....hot and no air in there.....only got six nails of various sizes and

a bucket of sweat.....

On the way out went to the river and just before getting into the river bed I stopped and locked

the front hubs just in case.....went the 100 yards down the river with just the rear wheel pulling

......then went up the bank that normally requires 4x4 but not with the lockers today :yesss:

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My great friend that lived across the street from me in OKC drove 4x4's all his adult life and when I got

my first one he always liked to remind me that a 4x4 is great for getting you stuck at least twice as far

from the nearest tractor.....his past experiences got me into a lot of trouble but at least he was sitting

there beside me to share in the fun.....

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My philosophy on 4X4 drive. Drive in 4X2 as long as possible and get out of trouble with 4X4; drive in 4X4 high range as long as possible and get out of trouble with 4X4 low range; drive in 4X4 low range as far as possible and get into trouble .... oh sh&t what the h%ll am I doing this far out! :) Wish I had a winch or "why didn't I buy that handyman jack I was looking at last week before I made this trip!? or at least put the comealong into the truck instead of leaving it on the shelf in the garage! Ooops! Da#n this is going to be a long walk out!!!!!

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Blake and Glenn.....hope your listening....yesterday I was driving on a dry sloping lake bad....the part

where the water had been high but now the water is very low.....before starting the 1/4 mile trip down

the lake I locked in the front hubs.....got about half way to where I wanted to go and the bank I was on

got a little steeper....guess about 45°.....put in 4x4 Hi.....the rear end wanted to slide to the water level

but the front wheels kept us high and dry.....after beeping for a couple of hours and got ready to head

to the house I noticed that on the left rear wheel that three of the six bolts holding the axle in were broken

and gone.....I tightened the remaining three bolts .....they just barely moved and headed for the house

and after lunch went to the mech shop....got there and saw that the other three bolts had broken and also

were gone plus the axle was sticking out about four inches.....

Today finally got all the broken bolts removed ($120.00 bucks) and new ones installed....now do you gear

heads have any thoughts on why all this happened in the first place.....the left side never has any problems

so haven't touched the bolts in about a year....until now....

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Garimpo, I never got a chance to check it.! After changing the studs I had put it up on jack stands and was in the process of putting in a new clutch when my MH burned including the Ranger. Its replacement is a '98 with automatic everything. I saw an old Range Rover today that had been totaly restored, one of the old box, everything square type, would have traded in a heartbeat for it.


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Just saw your PM on this.

Ok, the flange bolts can break for many reasons. This will be hard on my phone, but here goes.

The bolt were loose for whatever reason. Since you said the other three were able to be turned, that seems the more likely candidate here.

I'm not saying they started backing off after your last assembly, I'm thinking that the constant removal and reinstall has stretched the bolts over time and they simply could not handle any more with the use you put your Yota through.

Removing and reinstalling the locker as frequently as it appears touch have has had those bolts torqued down past their yield ability.

The axle at that point has those little bolts holding not only the static weight of the vehicle, but also dealing with all the dynamic energy experienced when driving. The fact that you were running off amber for a while exacerbates the stresses on that corner.

Am I surprised they broke? Not really

If available, get hold of new factory bolt specs and use the same. Or go with at least grade 5 with real lock nuts (not nylocks), torque to proper specs, and use new lock nuts every time you tear it down. I would expect, with your type of use, to replace the bolts every 10 disassemblies.

Hope this helps.

Edited by GlennM
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Lockers do put an added load on things. Causing looseing of bolts and such.

One thing to look at would be a bent axel shaft or bent housing on that side. That would make it almost impossible to keep the bolts tight and axel sealed up.

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Thanks Blake and Glenn.....I think you've probably hit on several problems with the Toyo.....forever

I've had problems with the bolts backing out on the R. side and just the other day replaced the entire

assemby that the axle bolts into....cost was 208.00....so every thing over there is new except for the

axle....when I returned down the same slope that side worked good and no problems....

The right side that has never in the past been any problem is the side that gave up the ghost....now

it also has newbolts....nuts...and lock washers.....

For 15 years I've been asking mechanics here if they know what a torque wrench is and they nod their

heads yes but nobody has one.....I have one in my sons garage so next trip to Okla. it's going to become

a export....

I have not one idea where I'm going to find thetoque values of anything on this 26 yr. old Toyota....

Thanks for all the advise....

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