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Short Vacation Trip(s)


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Took last week off to camp and just have some fun with the wife.

Started with a flea market in Hornitos, CA which has a rich gold history.

Picked up this detonator for $25.00.


Then went camping near Fresno Dome at about 5400 feet. Forgot it was Octoburrrrr.

Found some nice granite / iron / quartz samples to bring home for testing. Seems to be gold in those hills as well. Also found a fisherman's nice Gerber folding knife along with a honet's nest in the log we sat down on to rest.

Finished the week with a trip up to Allegheny, CA. Home of the famous 16 to One mine. Didn't get to the mine but had a cold beer at Casey's bar along with a great conversation.

Stopped by the Malokoff Diggins on the way home. Man, what a mess men made of that area. Largest hydraulic operation on the west coast.

Then down to Bridgeport Bridge, longest known covered bridge in the USA.


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Fun n' the fall sun is great. Your hornet experience seems to mirror all of kalif as everyone I know, who goes anywhere this year has found hornets,wasps and meat bees have indeed complicated life. Portends for a heavy winter BUT Old Farmers Almanac say no-both of the them state low rain/warmer than usual ?-John

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I know nothing of this strange word "vacation"

What language is that?? I ran it through Google translator and it didn't come back with anything else to which I could relate :D

Vacation: a period of time, usually two weeks to one month of no work (discounting honey-do's), it's also a

non-existent period of time after one retires.... :kap:

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I hear you guys. I'm self-employed so VERY hard to take one of these. Told the wife either we go camping or I'm going to find a cave to live in for awhile. We live where it is like camping year round so hard to find somewhere else that is better. Sleeping in a tent on the ground with it getting down to 30° at night was the ticket. That and having coyotes yelping less than 100 yards away. Love that upper elevation terrain and weather though.

2.5 years from retirement and the wife seems to think I just hired on as the extra hand around the house. I have to schedule my day around house cleaning before the misses comes in the driveway. Cocktails promptly made and served. Can't complain as she is the cook.

I do have the freedom to go swing just about any time I want though.

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:arrowheadsmiley: Never got the marriage "thang" down right. Being TOLD to do something??LL no-ASK POLITELY. I can't go??? Sure I can as your leaving and don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya :4chsmu1: mining first and camping righteous. No phone,noise,cars,idjets with boomboxes,cops and sooooooooooooo quiet,luv it always-John :yesss:
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