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I am a student currently studying Industrial Design. If anybody currently works or has worked in the past in the mines (either underground or open) would you mind filling out this short survey for my 4th year thesis design project


Thank you

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Not the type of question that will a very good welcome here from a new member I think. How about you let folks get to know ya before asking for this type participation?

Seem an odd request and was why it was removed first time around in another section....

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I have checked both of his links and they seem to be fine with no bad content, his second link is to another forum which he interacted with replies to this same topic, he says he a Canadian and as he has stated he's a college student.

I agree with you Bill he should introduce himself and let us get to know him and then members here may feel more comfortable taking part in his survey!

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Thanks for checking him out Skip, I would agree once he has been interacting a bit he will likely also get some folks to help him out.

Pretty simple survey as well as I took a look, but as I am a placer miner and work surface deposits the questions didn't seem to fit....

Welcome to the forums!

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Sorry Gentlemen, I am new to the whole forum thing and didn't realize there was certain etiquette to follow. As you have already found out, I am a student from Toronto, Canada doing a Product Design Thesis project on mining personal safety equipment and I was hoping for a bit of insight and feedback.


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Kinda interesting answer there uqhopkins.

I use to work in the engineering department for the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world. I was there go to GRUNT guy. lol! I wasn't an engineer, I was there tester. I tested everything that went into their products. But in a way, I had the best of both worlds. I was treated respectful and as an equal. They heeded everything I had to say about on going products being tested. If they went out to eat for lunch, I was always included in the bunch. I could never complain about free food...haha! + an extra long lunch which any time over 30 minutes I was paid for even though I was an hourly employee.

But I kinda wonder why you would choose this field to go into because imo very few of the engineers made excellent pay. If you were the engineering manager for a location you did pretty good but the engineers below him was imo soso $$$. And the corporate engineer, well he seemed to get all they could toss at him. He really did good.

I guess what i'm saying is the trip up the ladder takes a long, long, time. And by the time you get there, here they go and pull in someone who might not even have close to the experience you have earned.

Engineering is a high stress job when it comes down to show time.

Anyway, good luck in whatever you choose to do!


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As was stated earlier, many of us here are not professional miners (some were such earlier in life). We also don't do much underground. At least I know I haven't. If you consider digging holes after metal detector targets or the same to run dirt through a drywasher or highbanker (power sluice), then most all of us have worked 'open pit' at some point.

Unfortunately, you stumbled upon a forum specializing in very small scale mining with only a handful of people who've ever made a go of it with large equipment and who made a living with it.

Now, if you were to adjust questions that didn't exclude folks like us (e.g. "Do you work open pit or underground"), we could answer those questions. Although most of us here in the AZ desert use mainly gloves, some form of respirator, and a wide brim hat plus sunscreen for protection :)

I wish you the best in your career and hope you hang around and get hooked on finding gold. It's a lit of fun and is one of the very few hobbies you could have with a chance to pay you back your investment.

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