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Verde River Gold ???


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Does anybody here know about or have any experience with finding gold in the Verde river here in Arizona. Before Mike B and i made our trip up to payson for some rock splitting i did some internet searching and found a map showing some gold mines along with a ton of copper mines along the Verde and East verde . I have not seen much internet chatter about this area but it seems like it might be a good place in the Tonto... assuming they get the fire out that just started today. Any info or ideas are accepted and thanks in advance. Lou

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The Gold Tooth Patent just upstream from where the Sycamore joins the Verde produced gold from a very small alteration.

The area around the Sycamore is all private property. If Dirty John is still in the old Phelps Dodge cabin at the crossing he will gleefully introduce you to the effects of buckshot before you even ford the stream. I've checked the river below the hardrock mine there and found nothing.

There is gold just west of Seven Springs above Horseshoe dam. There are some claims up there so you should do your research before prospecting there.

I've heard of a few more spots below Bloody Basin but I've had no luck there. I've kayaked the length of the Verde several times and never found more than a few specks of gold.

Good luck on your search.

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Thanks Clay ,

I knew several spots were claimed and some were restricted by the feds... makes ya wonder what ol' dirty John is protecting ? The East verde was flowing really well when we were up there and it just looked like a good place to try out the sluice i built. My old lady likes panning but finding enough water for her is a real task. I did read about some areas that had some minerals available so it would be perfect... her finding some color and me finding some other minerals. Thanks again for the info !!!!

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