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So what's the climate like????


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Let's say Arizona vs. Nevada.

Keep in mind I only want to nugget shoot when and if I ever get the chance.

I know they can both be hot, but would you say one is milder then the other? Summer/Winter?

Also which one has the beecheness FS & BLM jack Aces?

Just looking for your honest opinions.

Rims/kinda bord... :evil1:

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Reno area fields and NW AZ (Gold Basin) get snow from my understanding, and can be brutally hot during the summer.

The majority of the nugget fields in Central AZ have a very mild winter - when it gets here in late January. There can be some relatively cold days with night time temps in the 20's and days in the 40's.

The summers in most all of the gold fields of AZ are brutal summers with overnight lows in the mid to upper 90's and days in the 110-119 range... and little to no shade. They call an over grown bush a tree for some dumb reason.

It is dangerously hot!

Example- I just camped out last night at the LSD area (Little San Domino, near Wickenburg). It got down in the 50's and was around 78 today. We will likely be back in the 90's there this coming week. That area is normally 5-10 decrees cooler during Winter than in Central Phoenix. Best weather check for the areas of LSD and Rich Hill are Wickenburg and Congress, respectively.

The BLM isn't too bad out of the phoenix office, but the Tucson office management is a real PITA. However, most of the area they cover is also the area you would only feel truly safe with a Blackwater battalion surrounding you.

FS in Prescott Nat'l Forest is sort of a pain while Tonto isn't as bad. You'll likely never see any BLM or FS while out where the gold is, though.

Hope this quick synopsis helps.

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Thank's Glenn for the info.

Was waiting to see if someone from northern Nevada might post.


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Stay in AZ,

With the millions of other nugget shooters!

Best base in NV is the Winnemucca area. 50 mile radius is all good hunting. Lots of open ground and nothing like the shear number of prospectors in AZ.

Your lucky to see another person, unless you go to Rye Patch.

NV is mining friendly. Can get hot and cold, sub zero winter nights and 100° summer days but it don't last.

But there is no wimmin or beer so your best bet is AZ. Do not ever come to NV and hunt my patches :)

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Thank's nvchris!

That's what I was looking for. I didn't figure there was as many prospectors in NV as AZ.

Never realized sub 0 temps though. burrrr and no women...haha! Ugh....no beer? Well i'll have to re-think this...

Well, you're lucky. You won't see me up there robbing your patches...haha!!!

Thank's again!


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Reno Carson City area is much cooler but winter can be a loooooooong ordeal with pokonos(-0 wind chills)and feets a snow .Ever been to Winnemuca hahahaha DON'T. Fallon more doable but just a little better. Decent gold on the carson river BUT ya can't mine there due to ungodly mercury contamination all the way to Lake Lahonton. Truckee suckee as in purt' near goldless in any way shape or form. Some out by Wadsworth/Fernley but best on the reservation and DON'T GO THERE OR ADIOS. N Nevada mostly hardrock in the Blackrock is great but extremely private/claimed/patented. Never mined Arizona but a few hours here and there passing through as these locals here are great fountain of knowledge. Mines and minerals of Nevada and Same for Arizona are fantastic refrences also-John PS-PLENTY a booze and womens too in Reno & Cartoon city

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Hey John, did ya know that Reno is so close to Hell that you can see Sparks? :25r30wi:

Now, that's funny right there!

I can vouch that Reno is one helluva place. Been there on business and for races several times. I won't go there for Summer ever again. It's like Phoenix with some humidity

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Hey John, did ya know that Reno is so close to Hell that you can see Sparks? :25r30wi:

O.K., for those who don't get the joke, there is a city that has blended with the city of Reno, that is the city of Sparks!

It's a play on words.

Another local joke was,...

Fluch twice, it's a long way to the Mapes.

Well the Mapes hotel/casino is no longer there, but the joke lasted for several decades until the demise of the hotel/casino.

They imploded it. Why? It got full. :brows:

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