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Heading to gold basin in the morning, gonna see how much dirt got moved by the recent rains.

Anyone else going to be in the area , just look for a red tracker.

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Aloha Rick,

From all the rains that hit vegas las nite you had better take some wading boots. I bet that you encounter a whole new Gold Basin.

Aloha and stay safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Thanks Stan, this is going to be a scouting trip with some detecting and I will gather some sample buckets of dirt to run at home.

Mostly it is a reason to get out and play.

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Had a good time, found a little gold with just a pan. It was dyer than expected and GPAA all over.

I did see some antelope too , about 15 closer to Pierce Ferry rd.

I know now that I need to bring different gear so I can run my recerculating sluice , and a bigger pick and shovel.

The piece and quiet was sure nice.

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Hey Rick, how ya doin? Ok I hope. Glad to see ya got out fer a while. I'm figurin the temps are finally simmerin down out thata way. Show us the little gold ya found. I actually found a little here in Mi. this last summer, and not too far from the house. And I know now that I could do alot better if I went to the U.P. with a sluice. But I posted it in the prospector forum under "Genuine Mich. Gold" if you ain't checked it out yet. But anyways, it's good to see you're gittin out to have some fun, but take care man, and i can't wait to come out and see you fellers again.....Frank

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Frank glad to hear from ya, the gold I got was just a few flakes.

I got me a Geo Tracker now and it is like a quad with heat and ac. The temps was in the 60's and nice.

There was no one in the area we camped but the regular place had a few.

I have been fishing a lot this summer and now the temps are getting nice I will prospect some now.

Hope you get to come back again.

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