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A visitor from the wild side in the Nevada desert...no, not a hooker...a COYOTE!


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Hi all,

I was camped up at Rye Patch, Nevada, a place not many have heard about, and had a strange thing occur.

I had finished getting organized that morning, just a few days earlier this week, the sun was up, I had my atv warming up a little,and I was putting my little cooler into a plastic storage box mounted on the front of my machine.

Having done that, I turned to go bring my detectors out from my camp trailer, when, not ten feet from me, was a fully grown coyote looking right at me. No signs of aggression shown by the animal, actually nothing at all, other than as I offered a greeting, "Hello" to it, it turned and calmly walked off, across the road, where it squatted to take a No. 2. I am not sure if that was that animals way of returning my greeting or not.

In any case, realizing what a momentous occasion this was, I quickly got my movie camera out of the trailer, not knowing exactly how to operate the dang thing, I did know that it was capable of taking still photos, as well as movies, so I turned the thing on as quickly as I could and took a couple of stills, one of which now survives. (So far, unless I somehow delete it accidently, which is definitely in the realms of possibility.)

I don't know if the coyote was sick, or was used to receiving morning food hand outs or what, but it surely was a first for me. I later took a ride off to where I was to detect that morning, and saw that same animal kicking up its speed and going out of sight, after hearing my atv motor apparently.

In any case, I thought I would share it here, as the tiny bits of gold I got out of that worked out place (thanks everyone!) isn't worth talking about.

If I can figure out how to get that surviving photo out of my Panasonic movie camera, I shall post it here, as evidence of my encounter with life on the wild side...

Have a great day!


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There is some software you should have got with the camera (I think it can be gotten from Panasonic's site, too) that will allow you to use a USB cable - provided with the camera - to download movies and photos from the camera.

Or, you can use a cars reader and take the memory card out of the camera to read the card directly.

I have noticed that plugging my camera (USB, and also a Panasonic HD camera) directly into my PC doesn't work like I would hope and be recognized as a mass storage device.

Very cool story!

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I've had Coyotes do some Strange Stuff before.

Most times the do the Chit and Get thing.

But sometimes they act like a dang domestic dog around camp.

Had one spend three days with me around camp one time.

Never got more then 30ft from me but boy did he do Beans and Rice.

Come Steak Night I thought he was going to sit buy my chair.

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Hi all,

As to the camera, I will have to go to the instructional cd I guess. I had all kinds of stuff plugged into the camera, into my computer, but nothing would show up on the screen, despite what I tried.

You know the drill, if all fails, read the directions. What a come down.

As to the coyote, it acted like it had been there before, but didn't recognize the present occupant, way out there on the placers.

I suspect someone had fed the animal at some point before, as it (I think a thin female)seemed very at ease and no fear at all.

I honest think, if I had not been there, and the rv door being open, it would have gone in to see what it could get away with.

In all the years (22) that I have been out to that placer area, I have heard the coyotes yipping at dusk, and again at sunrise, but never have I seen one in the daylight.


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When I lived on the Donner Summit in the early 70's, a wild Coyote befriended a good buddy and became a pet. Those two were partners thereafter and that coyote became domesticated with no effort on my buddies part. It would not really get friendly with anyone else but him. Occasionally it would go missing for a few days, but always came back and after a few years it did not even go away anymore. It was an amazing animal and continually surprised us with it's uncanny ability to do things.

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Last Monday night a coyote attacked a female Kennecott mine security guard in the

guard shack at the copper mine here in Utah. The coyote came in through an open

door and lunged for the guard when she raised her arm to scare it away. She got bit

and scratched up pretty good.

They killed the coyote and it tested negative for rabies. I figure that the guards action

is what provoked the attack.

I had a big male coyote show up at my sawmill ,and he spent the summer following me

around like a dog. The morning he first showed up,I was sitting on the ground trying to

get a set screw out of a pulley . My trusty Basset hound was asleep in the seat of my

pickup ,supposedly guarding my lunch.

I was busy ,and all of a sudden I got a feeling that ,something wasn't right. I turned to

look,and a big coyote was sitting about 6 feet behind me .He was just sitting with his

head cocked like a dog watching me work. I spoke to him and he acted friendly,so I just

ignored him and went back to work. After that he would show up every day just like it was

a job. The odd part is that the coyote and the Basset got along great. The coyote would

come and go ,but he was good company. My wife says that I fit in with critters better than

people anyway. :ROFL:

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sawmill ... that could be said about a lot of us ... loners, myself included, somehow attract the wild side(not the wild side of the opposite yet fairer sex for those of you with heads in the gutter!) of God's creations. I've never had the pleasure of a coyote in my camp but something that he would prefer to eat ... the lowly squirrel! Camped out for a couple weeks once in the same spot along the ME NH border about 20 years ago a grey squirrel followed me around for quite awhile. I had not fed him but finally felt I should ... never got to hand feed the little critter but could get him to about a foot away with a short toss for him to retreive. I think if I could have stayed another week he would have taken it from my hand. Wild creatures sure are strange sometimes ... They do seem to have an uncanny ability to filter out who or what they can trust ... or not!

mike F

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I agree with you about critters. I have spent my whole life out in the brush with the critters.

Never had a problem with any of them,and they are good company. Animals are a lot

smarter than a lot of people think they are,and they do have personality too. Actually I am

kind of a friendly old fart,and kind of enjoy visiting with folks too. :ROFL:

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It's been about 20 yeas ago, I was camped out near prisoner lake(I think that right) a few miles down from Flaggstaff. The first evening i hear a pack of Cototes come by yiping and barking to one another.

The best i could translate was something like "Do you see that tent, it wasn't there last night. Who would ever pitch a tent right where we walk every night"

"Yea these tourist are going to drive me crazy, well lets go and let him get some sleep"

That was the only night I heard them but I saw them walk by on my last night there.


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