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Dbl pin rimfire with shoulder

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Hi Nevada Chris,

Neat find, and apparently, very DEEP!

I was metal detecting atop a high difficult to get to spot on the end of the Eugenes, found a couple of very old and very rough shape centerfire cartridges, one being a US 40 WCF, the other being a US 38 WCF. I had hoped for a gold find up there, as it is white quartz, for the most part.

Side by side, the cartridges appeared to be ALMOST the same height, while the other being the 38 was slightly crimped, and contained some loose chunks of that very fine Nevada light colored dust, which had accumulated over time. The place was a perfect hidey place for an ambush of some sort, having a wide view of the lower terrain in almost all directions, and a small pocket wherein a person or two could stay out of sight while waiting for their prey, whatever that may have been.

I wish I could know the rest of the story, as I am sure you do, having found this interesting double rimfire marked cartridge.

Thanks for sharing!


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Hi nevada chris.... It must have been a disappointment to dig the hole and the sound was not gold.

Nevertheless...it is a great find.

WOW... great photos... I have several dbl rimfires that I remember finding on the eastern slope of the

Kamma Mountains near the Pershing/Humboldt county line. However they are different then the one

shown. The cases are shorter and the bases both slighty curved and the double pins are not rounded

as in the photos shown as the pin indentations are longer and just narrow slots. One cartridge base

has a capital H in a circle, the other is in poorer shape and seems to be plain. Both are flattened and

one seems to have been bitten. I have heard the expression, "bite the bullet," but never one to "bite the

cartridge case." :D

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It's the red dirt that fills the cracks and makes it look bad Rick.

That and 30 + years of mining, carpentry, mechanic and concrete work :)

I got gloves they ride in my back pocket keeps emm fresh!

Very true Chris, if ya use them they just get holes in them and ya gotta buy more :00000067:

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Any cement finisher has hands that are tough and cracked like baked mud...nice cartridge...that type of junk is what is at the bottom of all my deep holes!!!

I think I will give Chris a new name...NevadaPatchFinder...perhaps, ManyOZCHris...whatever, He and Wilma are great campmates!


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  • 1 month later...

ETA: The "H" was Winchesters headstamp back then.

I don't believe yours is from a Henry.

The ones in the picture are confirmed Henry casings...note the narrow dual firing pin strikes, and the base is usually bulged. The 44 rimfire was pretty short, also.


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U = Union Metallic Cartridge Co. which is owned by Remington.

Chris i'm about 90% sure it's a .50/44 Henry cal. cartridge.

If you ever have a question about headstamps on cartridges, this is the place to look.


But if you are sure it's a shoulder and not just smashed it possibly could be a 10.4X38 cal. shot from a Vetterli swiss rifle.





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Interesting...never heard of a 50-44 Henry.......Its typically listed as the "44 Henry" or "44 Rimfire", and less often as the 44 Long Rimfire or 11x23mmr.

And I'm quite sure the Henry rifle was only produced in one caliber.

The box top is quite unusual in that it lists the 50 like its part of the caliber, but really it is indicating "50" rounds in the box. There was discussion about that label long ago on another forum. Funny how they did things back then.

The case length for a 44 Henry is .875....pretty short.

I'm thinking Rimshot may be onto something with the Vetterli.

The old cartridges are a ton of fun (with a little frustration) to ID......it really gets good when ID'ing the various Spencer's calibers, they're all so similar, dimensionally. I'll try to post a pic of the many various rimfires as well as the various headstamps from the era that I've found.

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I'm not sure but the .50 could be the rim size on the Henry 44 cal. That box of shells is for sale. $1100.00.

Also just about every rimfire I have seen have like a wedge style firing pin. Not round like the Vetterli.

Also I found out the 10.4X38 is also called the .41 Swiss rimfire.

If Chris sees a shoulder then here's what it looked like before it got blasted.




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Thank you so much for the updates.

It does have a shoulder I opend it up and measured it (roughly)

1.5 long x 5/8 and 7/16 at the neck

So that's what the 38 means in 10.4X38. 1.5"=38.1mm. Interesting for sure. I also read a few gun manufacturers over here in the states actually produced some of the old Swiss rifles. Most of the original Swiss Vetterli were manufactured back in the 1800's.

Hard to imagine a rimfire shooting a 300 grain bullet...just blows my mind.

YW Chris.


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