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Two q's

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Forgive if I've asked before but at 81 with incipient Alz's I forget


(1) How does one get a listing of one's own threads

(2) How does one request email notification of response

Thanks all

Answer to number 1,,, go to your profile page and find the "post" link below your avatar and in the "Overview" column, clicking on "posts" will bring up about 5 of your most recent posts, I don't know that you can get a list of all of your posts, maybe Bill will know the answer to that.

Answer to number 2...go to your profile page and then click on "Edit my profile" in the upper right of your profile page, then under the "Profile Settings" column select "Notification Options", under the "Topic & Posts" section, check the box by " Auto follow topics I reply to." and then be sure to select " Notification frequency:" in the drop down menu and then check the Box for the way you would like to be contacted/notified.

I would suggest that you open the forum in two separate tabs/pages on your browser so you can read these answers in one of the tabs and use the other tab to edit your profile until you get hang of how everything works on this forum.


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You can also use the Advanced Search function (above the forums, on the right/center) and perform a search of your username.

You can search for posts by you or topics started by you and set some rudimentary date selections

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