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Are you carring illegally at a Post Office

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That is a good point. We dont often think of the places that a CC permit may not apply.

There are some places you can't carry at all. it is a crime. And it looks like that extends to the parking lot of the Post Office as well. But you can't carry on ANY private property if the owner or management (or elected leaders) decide you can't.

My point is that the list of places that you may not be able to carry a weapon are a lot larger than the list of places it is illegal to carry. The decision whether a business, activity, or public area will allow firearms is solely up to the owners of the property or the managers of a business or the community who manages the park or open area.

There have been several instances where CC holders have taken exception to being asked to disarm at public meetings or at businesses. Any security guard at a public building has seen fellows at the detector who think they can carry because they have a permit. One fellow here went to court over his pastor at church refusing to admit him with his hog leg strapped to his hip.

We had a mayor that was villanized because he restricted guns at City meetings as well as a town council for restricting guns on all City property. But all this is legal and is done every day. You cant carry on ANY private property, even if it is a public area, if the owner has deemed it off limits to firearms.

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In New Mexico it is an "open carry" state. You can carry on your hip and loaded about any place you want (besides the obvious bar, school, post office, etc.). And then we have a CC permit that allows you to carry loaded and concealed.

So even without a permit you can carry anywhere, just not inside the pants or jacket.

The CC permit was enacted by the Democrats mainly for women who wanted to carry in their purse. Up until the CC law it was illegal, although I bet not one single arrest was made for a woman carrying in her purse. Also, when you were in your truck it was illegal to carry loaded in the glove box (it is concealed if it is loaded and within your reach). So now we can carry almost anywhere, anytime, inside our outside your pants and loaded or not.

Almost everyone carries here, legal or not. I bet that if you ran a detector over a sampling of New Mexicans that you would find a gun on 75% of them. It is as accepted to be armed here as it is to drive drunk or owe child support. And violating a carry law is something that happens every day to a lot of people. I do not think that any judge would lean too hard on ANYONE for carrying illegally unless you were causing trouble or brandishing. And it is still very common to see guys with rifles in the back window gun rack of their pickup truck. I have not seen that anywhere else in YEARS. There is a Glock in the backpack of almost every college student too.

Carrying guns has never been an issue here at all, but trying to limit them in any way has been a steep learning curve for the population. They just cant understand why they cant carry into a town council meeting or a super market. And they think the "right to keep and bear arms" means that no one can tell them when and where they can carry. It has caused a lot of excitement lately.

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