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Being on travel for the last 5+ weeks I’m a little behind the curve on this, any support would be appreciated.

Since the late 1970’s I have enjoyed access to our public lands such as Mojave Desert, and I know a large number of people use and enjoy them. Recently I have been made aware that there is a move to annex 104,500 acres of public land, known as the Virginia Dale & Gold Park Districts, Twentynine Palms, CA into Joshua Tree National Park and I concerned about the comprehensive access to Virginia Dale & Gold Park Districts.

Without comprehensive access as currently enjoyed by all, these lands may as well be in another country. Not including/maintaining comprehensive access, only a tailored portion of the American’s general population can enjoy our public lands. The very young, the old, the disabled, and the average Joe and family run the risk of being discriminated against when comprehensive access is taken away. Giving the cold shoulder to comprehensive access equals "less access" and this is would be just as bad as gender, religion, or ethnicity discrimination. I and others would greatly appreciated this annexation effort be discontinued until a full and completed comprehensive access for all is reviewed and found not to discriminate.

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I would prefer they not snatch up that land in the first place.

We are currently fighting to get the Marines to not annex the Johnson Valley OHV area at the western flank of the 29 Palms MAS.

Seems fishy to me that the park service wants to annex the most likely area for 29 Palms' base expansion... leaving JV as the only suitable area.

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Sorry to hear but just read the current post on El Dorado Forest here on forum as MASSIVE FREEDOM LOSS in relation to egress/regress to claims in national forests!! PLP loss has set up a precedent now for all forest managers to close access to federal lands and further inhibits past codifications guaranteeing your rights. NEVER ever engage in litigation without being able to win as a loss-ANY loss can/will decimate a industry being pushed from public lands--no yaaaa today as the noose tightens..... :old::th: John

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If Obama loses this election I suspect numerous new designations of national monuments will be made prior to January, including the expansion mentioned in this thread. These are dark and troubling days. If he wins, then it will just happen a little bit later.

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