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Fun in Moab


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The wife and I went to Moab last week and an wheeling place called Area BFE. This was my first time behind the wheel of my daughter's new rig other than working on it and putting it around.

Just thought I'd share some pics.



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Area BFE is a friggin blast, no?

Did you try the trail Britney Spears? How about Helldorado? The Gatekeeper on that one is fun, and I'll never again try the last fall on upper :)

I've been to a few XRRA races there when they were still.going

I was one of the folks back when they bought the land that donated a few bucks. Was way cool what they did. Just sucked that we still wound up losing Lion's Back and the trail at the top.

Moab is an absolutely awesome place to play, especially when it's not Easter Jeep Safari.

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Don, Here is their old Jeep. I did make it a little more "girily" for them. But I'm not painting the new one pink. That way I don't have to wear a wig and pad my bra when I drive it.

This is my youngest daughter crushing cars 2 years ago.


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That might have helped... :ROFL: She did her driving test in a Crew Cab Duramax and nailed the paralel parking test. Her friend failed it the same day in a Toyota something car.... That was one of my proud days. :-)

18 and the oldest turns 21 on Friday. :cry2:

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We ran acouple trails at BFE, played around and ran Helldorado gate keeper forwards and back. Then ran Brittany Spears (that was FUN).

Had to get back to the wives so we didn't run all of Helldorado.

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Well Blake tell the 21 year old lady I said Happy Birthday.....now about that 18 year old tom-boy I don't know what to say

except darn on the paralel parking and the rock crawling......if I had ever been lucky/unlucky enough to have a daughter

I would have wanted her just like your tom-boy.... :thumbsupanim

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