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Holbrook/Franconia/gold basin

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Hello. I wasn't able to make it to the outing last weekend. I was on-call. Sucks sometimes.

Anyway, I have never found a meteorite and am looking forward to getting out soon. I would like to get some more information on where to go in Northern Arizona. My friend and I want to try all three locations, but don't know exactly where to look. All three areas are pretty big and I was hoping someone could pin-point me into a good area to start.

We would like to start in the Holbrook as that could be done in a weekend day trip (I am in Flag). Anyone know where that fall is? I have heard about 2 different areas... I'm sure there is only one.

Next will be Franconia... but I have heard that it is fairly worked over... especially the south. But any directions to a general area will be appreciated. I have heard the Gold Basin is very difficult and many people try to chase you away.

I have a VLF detector and magnets.... Hey, if you want to meet, hunt, and teach... I am ready to go!

Anyone who will be kind enough to help a greenie.... Please PM me.

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Franconia is really an overlapping of strewn fields of several meteorites. Check out the met bull, Meteoritical Bulletin Search the Database , for identification and locations of them. A good general map can be found at www.findameteorite.com and other websites by doing a browser search for franconia strewn field map. Basically, if you take I-40 to the Franconia exit, then go North to the Railroad tracks, then follow the tracks NE about 3.5-4 miles, you'll be roughly in the middle of the field at the Northern end, and it continues on several miles to the SE. .post-23514-0-17444100-1349905019_thumb.j

Holbrook is only one strewn field of a witnessed fall. That map is also available through a browser search for holbrook strewn field map. Basically, if you go East from Holbrook on I-40 to Exit 293 Sun Valley, then South on that road to the Railroad tracks, the Arntz siding, you'll be right about the middle of the strewn field.post-23514-0-28825200-1349904793_thumb.j

Gold Field is a huge area, and prospecting there is complicated by patchwork lawnd ownership.

Hope that helps.

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If you go to Franconia be sure to familiarize yourself with the Warm Springs Wilderness boundary because motorized vehicles are not permitted in the wilderness. Also important at Franconia, and a little less so at Holbrook, is to be sure you do not park in BNSF railroad right-of-way, park well outside the rail road right-of-way fence. The BNSF police ride their hi-rail trucks through and will cite anyone parked in their right-of-way, and the tickets are not cheap!

Holbrook you can leave your detector at home, all you need is your eyes there (and detectors won't really work).

Good luck in your hunts!

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the response.

Will magnets work in the Holbrook area? I seem to remember seeing one from there that had metalic bits in it....

Yes, Holbrook meteorites are L/LL6 and have small amounts of nickel-iron in them and will stick to a rare earth magnet.

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