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Stupid Rock hound joke of the day

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Pickup line: Hey baby, I'm a geologist and hung like a horst....

KNow any jokes about sodium? Na

Q: Why shouldn't you let a geologist drive your car? A: Because they get hammered and stoned.

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Funny stuff guys !!!!!

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Q:How does a geologist get his rocks off?

A:With a hammer and chisel.

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Two Geologists are walking across a granite outcrop one day. The first says

to the second "Hey, this terrain is unmetamorphosed". Replies the second

one, "No Schist".

Q: What do you call a can of pop found in a conglomerate?

A: Coca-Cola Clastic

People at parties will *not* get these jokes.

Thats ok, because "Igneous is bliss"

Let's not forget Sherlock Holmes:

Watson: Holmes! What kind of rock is this!

Holmes: Sedimentary, my dear Watson.

Those are not gneiss jokes.

Ah, jokes for the "rock-it" scientists.

In keeping with the spirit of layoffs and downsizing that permiate the oil

industry I might add: How many petroleum geologists does it take to screw

in a lightbulb?

Just one, but hundreds will apply for the job. ( Kurt Reisser)

Yes, but at least we didn't take these "gneiss" jokes for "granite."

How about some slogans:

Geologists enjoy Nappes between thrusts!

Ease up! It's nodody's fault!

^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^

The Clinton Administration has renamed it Ronald Reagan's Fault.

Don't put the karst before the horst.

If there at a campus party, they'll be too stoned.

During a heated discussion Opal screamed at Amber, telling her that not

only was she not a jewel but she wasn't even a mineral.

"Is that so," Amber snorted, stating flatly that Opal had no cleavage.

"Perhaps so," replied Opal, "but at least I'm not just organic ooze with

bugs - I'm pristine, white, and smooth."

"That's tuff," said Amber, secreting with rage.--- Jan Cecil

Just watch out for cleavage on your bedding.....

Ease up! It's nodody's fault!

"Meet me behind the outcrop, honey, I'm a little boulder there".

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