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Input/guess's needed


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Went back to the big slave digs today.....was following/beeping one of their digs to see how

far South it went....a 1/4 mile before the jungle got to heavy to get through.....like all of these

digs they were digging out white quartz veins that had a lot of gold mixed in....normlly when

a rock beeps it's a iron stone that is also magnetic.....today I got two nice sized rocks that are

white quartz that gives a good signal with a DD coil and an even better signal when I switch

the Mono....not magnetic either....broke one open but can't see any gold but inside is a streak

of a black material....don't know what it is.....

Got home and gave the two rocks a acid bath in the acid used for cleaning concrete....here's

what I'm talking about...post-300-0-27976100-1349551190_thumb.jpgwhere I found them laying on top of the

ground.....behind me good fishing polespost-300-0-82265900-1349551247_thumb.jpg

The larger of the two rocks...only cleaned this onepost-300-0-38541200-1349551346_thumb.jpg

and here is the two piece of the one I broke openpost-300-0-62188800-1349551383_thumb.jpgpost-300-0-29039600-1349551399_thumb.jpg unless somebody can identify the black inside the rock or say

why they give off a good signal I'm going to pound them into little pieces and pan the results.....

BTW all three rocks also sound off on my old Minelab Soverign coin machine set in all

metal mode....

Anybody wanting to play with Google Earth here is the place above:

S 14°36'38.4" W 048°55'20.0"

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WHAT ? Who are you, and what have you done with the Garimpo we all know and love ?

I can tell you are an imposter because he WOULD NEVER waste beer in such a manner.


Your right PH :old: almost back to normal :2drink: ahhhhhhhhhhh that's better

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WHAT ? Who are you, and what have you done with the Garimpo we all know and love ?

I can tell you are an imposter because he WOULD NEVER waste beer in such a manner.


Lmao... Isn't beer worth it's weight in gold down there??? :89:

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Rim I have a 16x loupe and I can't see any gold.....guess HF and SP thinks it's silver

hmmm...so what's this? Well it kinda looks like gold...haha!



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Looks like a fine specimen of makesasignalite in quartz to me,but it could be silver,or

something else too. :brows:

Sawmill what ever this stuff is it sure sounds like a good signal on the detector.....I'll probably get some

tin foil today and see if it smells like Amonia......then bust it up to see what's inside....

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Lmao... Isn't beer worth it's weight in gold down there??? :89:

BJ the beer is a tad expensive but usually it's the end result of drinking that gets expensive....a lot

depends on her age and level of experience :2drink:

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I was just clowning around in my other post. Your sample could be silver,but it could also

be a lot of other stuff to. Do you have any nitric acid and hydrochloric acid? There really is

no home grown test that is accurate for silver ore. To do a conclusive test ,it has to be done

right. Silver is more difficult to to test than lots of other metals and minerals,for an accurate


If you have the acids and are serious about testing,let me know and I will PM the test


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Selsun Blue will Sulfide anything that has a significant Silver Content.

You can test what the content is later.

If it is aready Blue, Set it in a bath of Baking Soda warm water on a peace of ALuminum Foil and it will Remove the Blue Sulfides.

Again you have Silver and you can do other test.

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With all due respect I disagree. It is true that acids in certain applications are not a great

threat ,when used right. But working with ore can compound the hazards ,and be down right

deadly. Ore and concentrates can have all kinds of crap that can produce toxic fumes and gas

when reacted by acids or leaching regents.

The fumes are the worst part,being burned is no fun either. Also the chemical reaction with

certain elements,minerals,and metals can be very explosive. The fumes generated by reaction

can be extremely toxic too,and in massive volumes.

Sometimes you will not even notice any problems,but down the road ,the brown stuff you start

coughing up is what is left of your lungs. Those fumes can also ruin your vision,and cause all

kinds of other problems. Sometimes one little slip up is all that it takes to ruin your day.

Common bleach and ammonia is used by millions every day,but mix the two in a closed place

and you may not live to tell about it. The problem with ore is,you really don't know what to expect

until it reacts.

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Ok this morning I did the test.....got both pieces of rock with the shiny black stuff.....my wife has the stove

top covered in aluminum foil so it's easier to clean....got the scissors and cut a piece off the right rear corner

so it would be less noticeable....

Went to the back of the house and made sure nobody was watching....people here aren't very sophisticated so

don't want them seeing a gringo spitting on a rock and rubbing it with tin foil and then sniffing it....they would

probably think it's a new kind of drug....and the Judge here doesn't read or speak English so your post

wouldn't be any good for a defense.... :idunno:

Tried the little piece first....a little spit on the spot that Rim thought was gold mixed in the black.....rubbed it

good with the tin foil.....sniffed it.....WHEW just bad breath smell.....so thought maybe I needed more spit....

Went to man cave #2 and got my chem gloves.....laid the bigger piece of rock on the raised concrete portion

of the back yard just over knee high....cut a new piece of tin foil....cleared my throat and tonsils with a robust

hock of phloem aka "sheep leg" or "glob" and launched it at the rock....dead on....chem gloves on both hands....

tin foil rubbed and rubbed.....took one deep sniff of the mess :vomit-smiley-011[1]::th: only 0900 and it took two

beers to get back to normal.... :alcoholic: so my conclusion is no silver and :oregonian_winesmiley: is better than :miner::yesss:

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Hey you're getting me confused with Homey...lol! I said to try bleach....you know like Hoser always says tonns of gold might show up...haha!!!!!!!!


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