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Rare Earth Elements in Colorado

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Hi, Everyone,

Some months back, my wife returned from a meeting where a geologist spoke about how my region of Colorado was favorable for the occurrence of rare earth elements, REEs. Also, he spoke about how communist China has a strangle hold on the world’s production of these materials. I already knew the second part, but it tick’d me off anyway. So, I decided to try a prospecting project for REEs.

You can read more about rare earth elements and their occurrence in the US here, http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2010/5220/

There is a discussion of REEs in Colorado around pp 41-48.

I did find a prospect that is mineralized with rare earths, but not in economic quantities. I’ve attached photos of the location and the three best samples I took. Also, I’ve attached screenshots of the left-right (01,02) to the assayer report.

I hope you enjoy the images.












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That's awesome Jim ,

Wish i was close enough to slam some rocks up there....

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Another thing... I forgot to say that the 7 samples were taken from different, separate rock exposures around that little valley-depression shown in my "panorama" photos. I walked an area maybe 3-4 frootball fields in size while smacking off the samples with my Estwing. I have no idea how big actually the deposit is in reality, only that my samples taken from surface exposures all show to be low grade. I could see down the valley on one hillside the color of the float material on the surface was identical to where I was at. So, I am guessing the minerals continue outside the area I explored.


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School of Mines library has much more info as the state geo dept also. The pt groups are indeed needed but real question is economic viability....never give up-John

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