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Romney wins endorsement of National Rifle Association........

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Adam, there was a time or two I would agree with having three debaters, but this election is too important, and, second, Johnson had his chance and proved to be an idiot ...I have strong Libertarian leanings, but the current L Party seems to not have a clue as to the tremendous opportunity if they just waxed a little shrewd right now ... Back in the day, I did my share of pot, but I sure as hell don't want a presidential candidate who's one or two top issues includes legalizing it ... Hell, I'm sure the Kush region of Afghanistan would vote for him! ... :m2c: ... Cheers, Unc

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I would agree that only having the two majors this time around is important. Both are pretty similar sides of the coin on several issues, but where they differ, they differ in important ways.

Maybe next time around we can have a few real candidates and truly have a choice in leadership. But I'm ok without that this time just to get pointed within 30° of a rational course.

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