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Chris that's a great idea putting your camera on the detector shaft.....works like a charm (pay attention Bucket)

beautiful gold....country and wonder dog was also having a good time....

Thanks for the post....

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It took 3 days in the Wink and I changed the bath daily. I got a half gram out of the crud that dissolved. So don't throw out the baby with the bath water!

This is the specie in the Rocket Jake Video

Before a bath,


And after,


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Nice going there Chris

I was out hunting nugs 3 weeks back found a nice lil onepost-23376-0-16939000-1349297626_thumb.j later we were sitting inside the trailer and I saw this Grizzly bear coming into camp was around 18 feet from the trailer with the light plant running post-23376-0-05104100-1349297813_thumb.j then a little closerpost-23376-0-30645800-1349297899_thumb.j

he heard the camera click and lookedpost-23376-0-28102500-1349297999_thumb.j not the least afraid at all so I popped a bear banger off didn't scare him a bit just wandered over to the next campsight sat on his behind and

looked at us. Down the beach a half mile he showed at some other campers place they tried to chase him off with a razor he just stood up and looked at them they also shot the shotgun off cloce to him to no avail they freaked and moved out of there..

So I thought I would get some bear deterent to pack with me a 460 Smith&Wesson magnumpost-23376-0-58108900-1349298440_thumb.j...........post-23376-0-95957500-1349298501_thumb.j

The small shell is a 357 Magnum the other is the 460S&W

The nugget was 2.7 grams

Keep a cool tool


Its a bummer when the bear stops to read the sign LOL

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Hey Chris, that sure is a pretty specimin. Your boots look nice too...what brand are they, and are they non-metal???



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I found several bit's like that one this summer the first one was very small and I almost discarded it as a hot rock.

The boots are Converse non metallic and water proof. i got them on a closeout for $59.

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