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Big Jeff

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Ol' Lady and I took the day off and took the loooong way up to Mesa via Florence... Nice drive... Haven't been up that way in quite some time...Got to meet Frank Aka SGTFDA and GlennM...That was the highlight of the show... Except for the Jerky guy... Glenn that was awesome stuff... Who was that guy?... The package didn't make it to I-10...

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The company is Fat Daddy's (www.fatdaddysbeefjerky.com)

Got the only pkg he had of Honey Hot n Spicy... YUM!!!

Good meeting you, as well. I just got home from tear down and helping a couple vendors load up.

All in all the show had VERY low attendance and they were signing up last-minute vendors as low as $100 for a 10x10 space.

I learned this evening that they will be doing the Mesa show in March, like normal, and then a show in Quartzsite the following Fri-Sun. It will be vendors by invite only to ensure there are no duplicate high-lines... One Minelab, one Whites, one...

Smaller vendor count, but no competition.

Got to meet and talk with Jim McCullough and his lovely wife. Gave them a tip on where to go for dinner and got a text later that the loved it (Charleston's at Stapely and US 60 in Mesa).

He was telling the T-Bone story during his meal detecting seminar.

All in all, most would say the show sucked. It was smaller, yes. But because I don't have a livelihood to support from it, it was better... Got to spend more quality time with people and really talk w/o ticking others off for not giving them ample time.

It did suck that the Massey clan wasn't there. I enjoy talking with Mrs. Massey.

Funniest part- The door prize pink pans kept going to men and the green pans to women. The guy who won the Black Magic sluice on Sat won it again on Sun :)

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