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Found a new creek today with gold in it

lotsa luck

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Left the house at 0600 and found the spot we wanted to try was now under about 20' of overburden from recent flooding. Stopped by a small creek I had never sampled and worked it for an hour or so getting the gold in the picture. The gold was all in the overburden and nothing in the hard pack or on bedrock. Pretty chunky stuff for flood color.

Also saw Coyote's, wild turkey and Javelina. Nice day to get out and by 1400 we were back on the hiway headed home.



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I've not used one, but had a good long convo with an owner of one this weekend who loves it. Says even youngster greenhorns are able to get the job done quick and easy.

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LL is that flood gravel good for a highbankers.....

If it wasn't so bouldery I think it would be but its plugged full of boulders from 50 to 1000 lbs. We only moved 1/2 yard of material the entire time. Should have some good water there soon though for a real test.

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Any from southern oregon? I'm always looking and researching rich hard to get too, no road access, or trails etc. But those chunky nuggets are a very nice find. Hard to find ground like that. Most of it is claimed up. That's why I search the back country to get away from the roadside geologists. Besides I've learned that most of the richest areas well..... your not supposed to be in and etc. That a conspiracy I could go into another time. Lol but its not just a conspiracy its actual prooven fact. Its called a natural gold reserve for this country. Want to know and understand more? Look it up. Its all government documented. Anyway again.. nice find. Wish that was in my neck of the woods! Keep pickin those pickers!

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