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TN Dredge Ban?????

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From GPAA,

This is to all recreational gold Prospectors in the State of Tennessee and in the USA.

As of Friday July 27, 2012 the TWRA ?Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency? is enforcing

TCA 70-4-206. This is ?Stream Mitigation Guidelines for the State of Tennessee?. It is posted on line, just Google it.

Yes, I know it does not say anything about recreational prospecting but that is what they are using right now.

All motorized (with moving parts) recreational gold prospecting equipment: dredging and highbanking is banned in the State of Tennessee on any waterways. This includes all National, State, AND private land in Tennessee. This does NOT cover the Tellico Ranger District in East Tennessee and our Coker Creek GPAA property. Our property falls into the ?private land sector? but the TWRA gave me a special waiver on our private GPAA leased land only. Dredging and highbanking on ALL other private land in Tennessee is banned.

Sucker tubing, sluicing, and panning with hand tools is ok on ANY waters in Tennessee.

I had a long talk with the TWRA Aquatic Habitat Biologist and he told me, that he was told by his boss at the TWRA on Friday July 27, 2012 (I do not have the name of the boss yet) to go to the Little River area in Blount county and stop all gold prospecting.

He told me on the phone that he had to ban all gold prospecting on any State waters (even in your own backyard) and cited TCA 70-4-206. He said there is nothing he can do as he is just following orders.

Originally even gold panning, slicing and sucker tubing was banned but after a long conversation and two phone calls, I seemed to convince the TWRA that ALL hand operated tools with (non moving parts) and gold pans will not harm the environment. After I described a sucker tube he gave us permission to use those too. I could not convince them about dredging.

I am going to notify the GPAA and the PLP and a few others here in the State of Tennessee about this. This is out of my hands now but the Biologist said if anyone uses mechanical equipment to gold prospect in any Tennessee waters they could be cited and fined up to $2,500.00. He said he has to enforce the law and so does any Law Enforcement Officer and Ranger in the State of Tennessee.

This has just happened so I know it will go viral. Please do not blame me (the messenger) but I have been working on this for 3 days and am just passing the information to everyone. I did my best to save some prospecting for now and I DID.

Believe me, for ONE HOUR today, we even LOST gold panning with a shovel!

I know this will go up the chain of command here in Tennessee and through out the USA.

I am very sorry to have to be the one to report this, but like it or not, it has happened.

I KNOW most will say ?THEY CAN?T DO THIS?. And I hope some good lawyers and State Government officials can fix this problem.

When I talked to the TWRA they told me to contact the main TWRA office in Nashville and talk to the lawyers there.

I am not going to do that, I am going to pass this information up above me and let them handle it.

As of now I was told of the enforcement and will abide by it and pass it onto others until I hear different.

I am confused and sick over this and do not believe they can do this.

At least we still have our GPAA property and the Tellico Ranger District, for now.

I am going to a local meeting on Tuesday July 31, 2012 to possibly get more information. I will post that information when I get it.

As president of the Tennessee Coker creek GPAA I confirm the above information as true and correct as of 4 PM, July 30, 2012.

This message may be re-printed, posted and passed along AS IS. Please do not edit it or change it in any way.

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That's another problem . People Bitch about the stuff coming down the Road and say, I'll pass it to the big boys and let them handle it.


After sitting on there Thumbs they sit back and say! WHAT HAPPENED?

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Amen EL D as now the EPA-as in feds,as in ALL STATES, is now formulating regs to close it down also---glad I got in my 39 years and we at the WMC and Miners Alliance did all we could sine 1945 to keep our lands free and our rights intact.

I must agree with homefire as the biggest lie in mining history was/is just send in your $1,000s membership and we'll take care of you and your rights so you can mine with no bother for the nasty politics. Cash went into the pockets and no miners rights supported as rights gone ,dredging 100% ,and the access and regress to claims is next as recent court decision in El Dorado area did just that---sic sic sic-John



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