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I agree with Glenn... but it is still very nice inspiration , not only that big gold is still out there but also our passion (hobby ) is not gender oriented. Polly had that pic as her wallpaper for a year while we were still in Ohio. That little speck sure was nice though.

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It is one of those "trick" pictures.... You know like the rattle snake on a 10' pole.

That lady has really looong tiny arms

Nope that is real Blake, least I am pretty sure it is and there is articles about the mine out there....

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Greetings nugget hunters,

This picture reminds me of my trip to Alaska this summer. It was a vacation trip for me and the wife, not a prospecting trip.

Anyway, at our hotel in Denali, their souvenir shop was showing a video of a mining operation somewhere in Alaska. There was no sound with the video. Looked to be a 5-7 man operation. They were tunneling into a hill side along bed rock or following an old river channel. It showed drilling, blasting, and hauling the material out to a trommel / sluce recovery system. Then a recovery from the sluce. The recovery men were picking up nuggets anywhere from 1/4 oz. to 8-10 oz. ers. The pan was just about filled with nuggets. I just about choked seeing all those nuggets and must admit, turned green with envy. Every time the wife wanted to go brouse in the shop, I said sure, no problem and headed to watch the video again.

Just thought I would share.


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Yeppers Bob,

They do find some doozies up there. But there season is short too. And that cold damp weather...I couldn't hack it at all. My skins too thin... :rolleyes: I actually got interested in the gold thingy when I 1st join the ak mining board, then decided I need to head south and here I am. Well not in AZ, still in Texas. :cry2: But i'm not sure if their corp. mines shut down when the weather gets nasty. I never asked. :cool:


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WOW... My memory is fading but as I remember my "Grampa" Dragline Miller was one of the

early Circa 1906 dragline operators at Round Mountain 57 miles north of Tonopah Nevada.

In the early days the profitable gold deposits were confined to rhyolite on Round Mountain

and the hill to the east. There were two periods of ore deposition, but the Tertiary age

(volcanic) rhyolite formed both hardrock and placer deposits. In the early days good

$$$ returns were from dry washing the shallow epithermal placers on the slopes of Round

Mountain and the low ground south of the ridge between the Fairview and Sunnyside mines.

Being epithermal the range of hardrock mining was shallow. Back then their was little kmown

or understood about epithemal deposits and the rich surface ore and placers were mostly worked

out by 1930, but during the depression of the 1930's with the dollar devaluated which raised

the value of gold from $20.67 to $35.00, the local Nevada miners were able to get by financally.

Then in the 1950's with the development of the heap-leaching process and the development of

Low grade Carlin-type micron gold open pit heap leaching in the mid 1960's it was found

that many old worked out epithermal deposits were associated with Carlin-type deposits...

Drilling indicated a large amount of micron gold at Round Mountain and the Fairview and

Sunnyside areas

It is usually full speed ahead with bulk mining in most large scale Carlin-type micron gold

mining. However there is occassionally a "Pod" found of the rich epithermal gold. Round

Mountain had (or still has?) a unique history of going into a selective mining mode and

back years ago the custodian in the old Mackay School of Mines was notified, and quickly

rallied his group and rushed to the epithermal pod and used detectors to recover gold. I

lived too far away in southern California to become involved...

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