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Thinking of heading for LSD early in the AM


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Well, Frank and I got the rhino put back together today and I got her fired up this evening.

However, he put a trailer hitch on his new to him Toy after leaving, so he's crying old man syndrome.

I want to get out before I go apesh!t! So I'm gonna head to LSD tomorrow. Anyone gonna be out there to swing detectors? I'll be in the burnt orange rhino going too fast for conditions :)

You'll likely have to shoot at me to get my attention :)

See ya out there.

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I wont be out there...but I wish you good luck on your hunt! :)

Take lots of water...temps are going to be up in the 100s. Grrr.

Have fun.

Tom H.

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Have a good time out there glenn. I just joined GPAA and no LSD in that book...... do you know if Weaver club does?_____

I was also looking at rhino's...... I like them!

Hope you find some color


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