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Man, that is beautiful!

I think that would be my favorite also :)

Tom H.

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Nice Jack, but I am still partial to the one you use for your avatar. I found an area or "patch" with about 3 ounces of gold very similar to that you show in this post and the nuggets/specimens (largest was 3/4 oz) would crumble if you were not careful cleaning them leaving fine gold and crystalline wire looking gold that was very pretty like yours. Is that solid and etched or natural?

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Arboresent / leaf gold that I clean up with Glass Etch Bath and a soft tooth brush. Pocket quartz outcropping that was worked back in the day and this nugget was from the tailing pile. This one was solid with only a minor amount of quartz to clean up. After the tailing pile is completely worked I plan on running the pile through a trommel to get the loose gold (50 / 100 mesh). Then, down I go to see what they left behind.

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Used to etch designs into glass for decorative purposes and for putting VIN numbers in vehicle glass parts to reduce theft.

Eats quartz like it does glass. Slower process than hydrofluoric but safer.

Here is the site of my success.post-25522-0-82992100-1348499650_thumb.j Named it the Big Ketch Mine as I hope to buy a Big Ketch some day with the output and sail away in the Caribbean during the winter months. I can dream can't I? You can see the original pit behind the rake.

I take it down 4" at a time, rake it out, scan with detector. Move it down the hill, scan again. Rake smooth prior to next pull, scan again. Small stuff is usually found on the last rake prior to pulling another layer. GB II with small coil.

Moved about 4 yards of material so far with just that four prong cultivator and a metal rake. Only put in an hour or so each time at the end of the day. Sure makes that cold beer taste great washing the red dirt away.

Dated the original dig with a button from a coat I found and blasting cap fragments (no wires). Found the dude's knife as well with all the blades broke off. Very little trash to speak of, almost all signals lead to AU.

Very fine loose gold in the 100 mesh and smaller range I need to deal with at some point. Trommel and recovery system to be determined.

Any ideas anyone?

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