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Who is going to the Mesa GPAA Show?

jim mcculloch

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Sgt Frank and I will be there.

As board members of the local GPAA chapter (GPAP) and signed up to work... we kinda have to :)

I posted the info, along with the get in free instructions in the Outings and Events forum here and on Rob's site. Feel free to share.

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I heard several vendors are not going. Seems, among other things, GPAA jacked up the booth prices.

I'll be there to keep Frank's ego in check

Glenn up above Frank said he would the only normal looking one in the bunch.....does that mean he learned

to walk upright first :gig: :ROFL:

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Too make it all clear... Glenn seemed like the most "Normal" of the lot... sitting in a chair off to himself.... Playing with his phone... Praying for the day to end....LOL.

BTW it was a pleaure to meet you Frank!

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I was playing End, Guard, and Tackle on the back door.

Normally that's needed at the back door (although I never had anyone try to get past me).

This show... I had a library of books next to me and good signal on my phone :)

Good meeting you, too, Jeff. Also met a few others from the forums.

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