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Using plants to find gold locations

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no did not got a kiln, but would not burn in the house,, I have a welding torch..and know how to use it. I use borax to keep my gold from blowing out..

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When Sandy and I are out prospecting, when we find old foundations and other signs of habitation from long ago, we often see some of the same types of plants growing nearby. The Black Hills didn't come to life very much till 1876, and that's fairly recent as far as the gold rushes are concerned. So we do come across things like an old apple tree, still alive and making delicious fruit at the abandonded gold town of Spokane near Mt. Rushmore.

Some plants don't seem to take hold until the ground beneath is disturbed, like by digging or other domestic yard work. So if you see a group of different-looking plants kinda isolated off by themselves, that may be a sign to look for man-caused reasons for it. Or it's just nature doing what it does!

Recently I spotted a neat row of iris plants. They grow wild here, but the tidy row made me think of the front of a house and I did find some old boards nearby. So, some plantings might be more "domestic" rather than a certain plant type that favors gold-bearing soil. Either way, these spots are worth looking over and some sort of mine workings may not be too far away. Over the years, we've probably found more cool things around the old homesites than at the actual diggings.

You might even locate a hidden, forgotten or lost cache left by an old prospector.


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Welcome to the forum. That is one heck of a first post. Thanks

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Frank, I'll take it........I can do paypal or just about anyhting, PM info to me

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