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Placer sampling next to a forest fire


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Don't want to be set back almost 1/2 a year by delays.

Need to know if its worth gearing up for the spring

Forest fire burning full tilt next to our placer claims, just west of Dixie Idaho.

Plan was to bulk sample, this fall. Forest fire delayed that.

Been watching this fire for a couple weeks.

Line has been holding about 1/2 mile west of the claims for 10 days.

Decided to pull the trigger & go sample.


30 to 50 back-hoe test hole 1 yard sampes.

Be back in about 2 weeks.

Will post results & pictures when I get back.

Unless I get turned to toast by unexpected events. :cry2:

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EM if you have to dig a bigger hole.....jump in and pull some dirt over the top of you....take a bottle of

water in the hole with you.....after the fire passes you take a small sip of the water and use the rest

to clean your drawers.... :gig:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Trip turned to BS. USFS would not let us in with the backhoe & small test trommel because the fire was so close to where we wanted to sample

So, a lot of wasted time, fuel, travel & expense.

But, bought a brand spanking virgin new high banker dredge combo @ emergency leaving town moving sale for 1/2 the normal retail price.


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