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Brain Picker an Oldie Need Info Please

frank c

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This question ain't for everyboby. Because I'm lookin for info on this unit from someone that knows it.

First off the LARGE toggle switch on the control pad looks to be a replacement / aftermarket I say that because of the sheer size of it ,and the hole has been adulterated a bit around the edges. I can make out some lettering on the sides of the pad manual on left of switch and auto on right.

However the switch is mounted to toggle up an down , oh well have to play with that I guess.

So I'm taking for granted this is the auto / manual tuning position swtch.

Second there is a switch located at the bottom of control box that stays in center position and can be pressed to either side right or left then returns to center by itself like a momentary switch , What is it ???

I have read in a few older books that this A3B was quite the machine for a VLF in the early history of nuggetshooting ???????

It sure is a neat lookin ol bird with removable hip mount control box and a 12 and a half inch coil.

Any an all help will be appreciated.

This detector has been sitting on a shelf since I aquired it a few years back when one of my hunting partners passed away. And its time to dust it off and check it out for a trial run in the field.

Thanks all.





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Thats the super charger switch...whatever you do DONT USE IT...it will fly off into the sunset :P

Tom H.

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Looks like you will need a generator strapped to your back also :)

Tom H

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