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I did watch these movies and thanks but i am still haveing the same problem .. garret said because it is a used machine they would not tinker with it. Its probly to advanced for me.. :cry2::Just_Cuz_15:
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birdlady if you have a Garrett dealer in your area take the machine to him to check it out......other than

that read and re-read the manual over and over......go slow .....try the settings that Allen posted....you

could have some very hot ground your detecting in and the machine is having a hard time balancing

to hot ground out.....chanches are the machine is ok....

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Well I found out there is probly nothing wrong with the machine, they say its the person running it ,,

well we took it out yesterday and I ground balanced and it picked up all kinds of metal and was right on the money for coins and sizes.. then I did different leads and it worked now cant wait to look for gold.. So we are going for the gold this weekend.. thanks for all the help and advice to all that replyed..

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