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September Gold

frank c

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Heres some September Gold from N.W. AZ.

The big ones a 17 DWT. better than 3/4 ozr. it was locked up in the caliche and had to be hammer an chiseled out at just about 24 to 26 inches deep total.

The first 18 to 20 inches was dirt the rest of the way was chiselin in the caliche.

The pic with 2 pieces has a beautiful wire formed piece at 1.7 DWT. Looks so much more beautiful in person than the photo.

Hope you all enjoy the pics an Hapy Huntn.



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Hey Frankie ... You have it all wrong ... you had her all along ... you just didn't realize it and what she meant to you until recently! Some of us are slow learners ... and I'm one to talk ... long but good story with a happy ending for the campfire sometime! You did right by you and Terri for all the right reasons! Best to you both.

oh ... and nice gold too!

Mike F

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Holy Cow Frank!

Man, your really cleaning up the kingman area of all those dirty nuggets. :)

Nice looking gold. Glad you got it.

Tom H.

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Hey Bill the Very Best Find for Sept. was a GoldenRed haired woman !!!!!!!


Congrats on many levels, Frank.

Looks like I need to stop and buy my wife a bottle on the way home (she likes to go red every now and again...)

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