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Dad told me to go out and get some gold.....


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Hey all:

Well, on dads urging me to go out and not sit there and watch him....I went out to a wash today that I had gotten some gold out of before. We really hit this wash hard also. I went over it a couple of times with different coils and such.

With the recent floods in the area I decided to hit it again. Was able to get the truck up about 1/4 mile so I only had to hike 1/2 mile to get to my spot.

It had changed so much I walked right past it and then saw a familiar landmark and relized I went too far.

Figured I would detect where I was and work back. Well, lo and behold the good Lord got me over some gold!

It was the big flat one about 1 inch deep. A Radio shack detector would have gotten it smile.png

Then I got another signal within about a foot so I decided to record it.

The three flat ones were within a 3 foot stretch.

They are very fragile looking so I detected the hillsides around it and upstream....nothing.

So......I moved down to the spot that I got the 1.27 oz nug from and got the fat ones about 5 yards up from where found the big one last year.

I know it wasnt there before....We hammered that wash good.

Its coming in from somewhere! Just got to figure it out. smile.png

Got 5.8 grams smile.png Little under a 1/4 oz. It was a really good day out.

Dads doing reeeeeealy good. They pulled all his tubes out and he got moved out of ICU.

Expecting to be in the hospital 3 more days but he his recovering fast they said. Nurses said he was making open heart surgery look easy. smile.png

Enjoy the videos.

Tom H.


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Tom ... sounds like you got gold in two places ... one gold is the yellow metal ... congrats and nice videos ... and the other gold is the good news on Dad ... Keep it up Dad! ... WTG!

Mike F

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Your story and gold find and photos and videos and my BIG cup of coffee have made my morning absolutely perfect. Thanks and congrats.


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Tom, great news about yer dad! If'n you want to give him abit of recovery time, keep the pics to yourself and 'no gold this time' for couple of weeks at least!

Will see you both this winter!

Take care, Shep

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Great gold finds, Tom and glad to hear your Dad is recovering nicely too ... It's fantastic that they didn't have to bypass him ... That will speed the healing process, make him stronger and will avoid some of the problems that the bypass can create, such as memory problems and, er, some other one's that I can't remember! :old: ... Congrats all the way around to you both. ... Cheers, Unc

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