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Small towable backhoe


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That Gofordigger is a nice looking machine. I have one of the Trencherman 2 diggers Not fancy but better than Harbor freights. I bought my used for $1,400 only had 50 hours and has the 9hp honda. The guy I bought it from paid almost $6,000 for it then sold it to me for what he paid for freight to Groveland Ca. The first time I used it was didapointing it would hardly dig compacted sand in Modesto. I took it home and modified the factory bucket with a reinforcing band down the sides of the bucket and across the digging edge. I then added replaceable auger teeth for rock on it " now it digs". I live above Don Pedro and have dug over 300 ft of sewer trench 200 ft dewatering trenchs and dug 20 holes 5 to 7 ft deep for trees . My grandson uses it to dig worms when we go trout fishing about every other day during his summer vacation. The trencher is built very cheap no bushings in the joints metal to metal. There are only three joints withe zert fittins for grease you need to drill and tap the rest of the pins for zerts or take them apart every time you grease it. Do not expect it to dig like a real backhoe it does not have the weight needed you can use the curl of the bucket to pick larg chunks of solid rock apart after modifying the bucket with reinfoncing band do'nt try it with the factory bucket it will rip apart done that already! It does good in gravel and small rocks not to bad in shale and decomposing slate I have dug 7 feet in it, no good in solid hard rock.post-26413-0-11797500-1348813828_thumb.j For a small or sampling operation they will work if you take your time. There is a learning curve you go thru,I compared my learning curve to riding a mechanical bull slow and easy at first then idle it up after you master it. Dan

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First off, welcome to the forum!

Just curious as to how many hours you have on it now and how the joints were holding up.


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Rim, I don't know exactly how many hours I have added on it. A guess would be 50 to 60 hrs I only dig with it a couple of hours at a time to stay out of the heat. Only had problems with one pin the rest are like new. I was digging below water and the grease washed out I cleaned the pin up with emery paper and used marine trailer axel grease when digging wet conditions. Dan

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Since this forum is read by lots of people , that may get the wrong idea, we need to

clear things up. You can't use mechanical digging equipment,without a bonded notice

or PoO on federal land period. If you try using one without a plan or notice ,you may

need another to dig your way out of jail.

My thoughts are if you are going to all the trouble to get legal,you might as well get

a machine that will do the job. A real nice used mini track excavator ,can be bought

pretty cheap. They can be hauled on a trailer behind a 3/4 ton truck with ease. Most

come with a dozer blade too. They will go darn near anywhere ,and you can't hardly

see where they have been.Hang a hydraulic hammer on that puppy and you can do

some serious prospecting.

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Good point sawmill and correct... But I still think that little bugger would work well behind a quad to dig the top layers out of deep nugget producing washes on a couple private claims I work, remove a layer, detect, replace material in wash. Not talking about processing just detecting and the small critter would be quite handy pulled in with a ATV :thumbsupanim I have a spot where a great run of nugget producing bedrock dropped into a long deep area and I know there is more gold, always meant to get back with a shovel, but.....

I'll likely not get to it anyway..... Lot of dirt to move for a few nuggets.

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Sawmill, A mini-trac hoe has been one of my plans for a long time, I have the ground to work it and the POO and bond are doable.

Something allways happens, I am finnaly seeing the end of my recent fire and can start saving again.

Those things can be picked up at auctions in Phoenix pretty cheap.


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