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interesting texture ...


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Hello Dear Sir,

Would like to know a professional opinion. The subject have all primary symptoms resembling a meteorite ... weight, magnet , test on ceramics ... sawed, confuses what is inside the hole, somebody say that there is no hole in meteorites ... Treated with acid and saw interesting texture ... I found some pictures of meteorites on the Internet as angrite, and there is also a hole ... I beg to say your opinion about the texture , photos are made on camera without increase the setpoint.

Thanks in advance,





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Did you etch the cut side? The pattern I see is not similar to any I recall seeing on an etched iron. What does the exterior look like? What area or location was it found in? Once again a nickel test by a reputable lab may be your only solution to a definative answer...

The exceptions to the general rules are part of the mysteries of meteorites...anyway, my final answer is probably not a meteorite but some terrestrial product...


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When you Google that type of meteorite, there's a bunch of interesting articles ... It you have a specimen of an angrite, you have something very valuable:


The achondrites of this group are named for their type specimen, Angra dos Reis, a meteorite that fell in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in early 1869. Angra dos Reis is a unique igneous rock that is largely composed of the rare pyroxene fassaite, an aluminium-titanium diopside. During the last two decades, a handful of similar fassaite-rich meteorites have been recovered, leading to the establishment of the angrite group, presently comprising six members.

The angrites are primarily composed of varying amounts of fassaitic pyroxene, anorthitic plagioclase, minor olivine, kirschsteinite, along with other accessory minerals and phases. They are basaltic rocks with cumulate textures, often containing porous areas and abundant round vesicles with diameters up to 2.5 cm. These vesicles have been interpreted as remnants of gas-bubbles that formed prior to the crystallization of the rock. However, current research suggests that the vesicles originally were solid spheres that have been exsolved in subsequent stages of rock-formation. Both theories are consistent with a magmatic origin of the angrites, making them the most ancient igneous rocks known. They show crystallization ages of ~ 4.55 billion years, which suggests their formation occurred in the early days of the unfolding solar system. The angrites are thought to have formed on one of the earliest differentiated asteroids from the igneous processing of CAI-rich chondritic matter, similar to carbonaceous chondrites of the CI or CM group.

By comparing the reflectance spectra of the angrites to that of several main belt asteroids, two analogs were identified - 289 Nenetta, and 3819 Robinson. Further research will determine whether one of these asteroids actually represents the angrite parent body. Only two angrites are currently available to the private collector; these are Sahara 99555, a single stone that was found in the Sahara desert in 1999, D'Orbigny, an Argentinian find from 1979 that wasn't recognized as a meteorite until 1998 and NWA 1670 with a total weight of only 30gr..

Cheers, Unc

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Nice post Ron.


Did you by any chance find this close to a volcano? Here's a nice read but unfortunately no pictures.



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Looks like man-made metal by-product to me.

Ron, great info on Angrites, but there are many more than 2 available to collectors now. There are a couple NWAs that anyone can own! I've got a nice piece of NWA 2999 and a micro of NWA 6291 in my collection. Angrites per the MetBul link

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Your pictures do not represent anything even remotely close to any angrite I know of. The bands shown also do not appear to me normal looking like Neumann bands that are found in hexahedrite iron meteorites. Nor do the patterns look like any Widmanstatten patterns I am use to seeing in octahedrite iron meteorites.

You should be able to find your etched pattern on the web.


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hmmmm?? I think I see number's and letter's on it. 2nd picture, lower right side of shiney circle. I see a 4, 6, and some letters below those. Do ya'll see that?



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This is a random finding , I found it in agricultural field with metal detector . Detector gave a signal like ordinary metal , estimated meteorite was be in earth at a depth of about 20 centimeters and was covered in rust , firstly I noticed that he was too heavy for its size and take it for test .

Firstly I try magnate it attracts a magnet and deflects a compass needle , after we wash it from rust , it was not easy … the place where we washed rust , we see black color , also on some place we found inclusions like crystals yellow and green color . After we make polished section and etched with acid , after acid we see no polished section many small lines , droplets and tiny lines like frost patterns on glass . After we try to sawing it on two parts , but grinder with a diamond disk not sawing it , we try sawing around 15 min . but make 2-3 mm .

Now we cut it , and found inside cavities like bubbles and texture inside spots like on map , we treated them with acid and saw that every spots have different pattern inside .

some last photos taken at 5 × magnification

the longest part - 12 cm

the widest part - 6 cm

the thickest part - 3 cm

Weight- 750 gram .
























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Jim ,

the most similar texture that I found it NWA 7203

for example my photo and NWA 7203 ...


Hellow aleks!

Explain to me what an angrite is and it's make up. Then, describe your specimen and it's make up. Do you think they match?

NWA 7203 is what is thought to be a quenched angrite.


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