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Editing posts on mobile version

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Here's one to take back to the developers...

On my phone, I can select the post of mine I want to edit. Doesn't matter how long after I posted it, clicking the post will bring up the Delete and Edit buttons.

If I have posed something since posting the one I just clicked to make the buttons appear, then select Edit, the editor brings up my most recent post, no matter where it is within the forum structure or time elapsed since the post I clicked on.

Not a problem, but is certainly not operating as one would expect.

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I don't use the "Full Version" when on my phone. The site recognizes me as a moviles device and offers ipod the mobile version. The only button at the bottom is "full version".

I can click that and then see the change theme and other stuff.

The bug I'm talking about only exists in Mobile Version

Again, this doesn't bother me. I am just reporting it for you guys and touch can do what you will :)

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