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Teaching the children & grandchildren


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Almost nothing in life has given me more joy and satisfaction than teaching my children (now adults) & my expanding crew of grandchildren (ranging in age from 1 to 12 year olds) how to prospect for placer gold. Not to mention, all the camping, hunting, fishing & other survival skills that go along with prospecting. All it takes is a few specks of gold dust or a tiny picker flake or nugget, they panned out themselves to make a believer out of youngsters. Sadly, so few are ever are taught the wonders of it all.

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My little 6yo girl has her own pans and and snuffer bottle (likely with more gold in it than mine).

She also has her own little detector and it was used on a recent club coin shoot to find 4 tokens for 3 nuggets and a dirt bag. :)

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Lucky Joe's son, Jeffrey, found his first nugget with a GB2 when he was SEVEN YEARS OLD [okay, he turned eight a few days later]. But still, it fills me with pride that some of our youngsters not only really dig it, but CAN dig it as well. At the big Minelab Event last spring in Southern California my club administered the panning competition. You should have seen all the youngsters who competed -- girls too. They mostly turned in excellent performances. The mining tradition ain't dead just yet.

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