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Speaking of .22s

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Here is one sweet shooting .22 LR I picked up from a friend years back and love it. Made by Phoenix Arms in CA, USA. Very light and shoots mighty straight with very little kick and one can spend the 10 rounds the mag holds pretty quick into a small group.


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They can be had for 150.00 to 220.00 by shopping around depending on what model/kit ya get, I have the Range Kit with both a 5 inch barrel and comes in neat case with cleaning kit etc. I paid around 100.00 for it.

Been planing to get a 3 inch barrel as well, but just never get around to it....


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I got a ruger .22 that shoots like a charm. It has a red dot scope on it. You can shoot a beer can with it at a 100 yards. Maybe further I will let you try it if you make it out. Just got a .22 Mag rifle. I'm a believer in the .22 Mag. That thing is awsome.

That's a 500 Magnum in my avatar. You can shoot it too if you want.


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Yo All ... I inherited this awesome .22 LR High Standard Military Bull Barrel pistol about 30 years ago ... It was manufactured late 1930's to early 40's ... Shoots very true and accurate out at least 120 yards ... Dodacious can shoot the eye out of a butterfly at 100 with it ... I have been amazed at how the prices for this particular gun have appreciated in the past couple years ... Went from around $350 about 3 years ago to between $750 and $1,200+ now ... I would never sell it though ... Awesome reliable meat getter or protection ... (This is a photo I copied but mine is identical.) Cheers, Unc



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That is a sweet pistol you have Ron! Those are one of the most accurate .22 pistols ever made for sure. Those and Ruger "Mark" type pistol are very similar and can really hit the mark.

A friend of mine lost one of those out of his holster while riding a motorcylce in the desert. This was 35 years ago and he still talks about that with anger in his eyes.

And what a price tag on those things! I saw one a few weeks ago in a gunshop in Roswell and I was shocked at the price.

Thanks for showing it to us. I have always wanted to get my hands on one.

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Yep Greg, I loved shooting those 22 mags thru it. You could dial it in with those sights and only your nerves could keep you from hitting the bullseye. Great gun! Here's another picture with the mag cylinder in it. I had a little pitting going on so I stripped it and just kept it oiled. I thought it looked nicer then a blued one. lol!



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