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Another Coil Cover Fix

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Heres another really simple fix to extend the life OR repair wear holes in a coil cover.

I mixed up some fiberglass resin only no cloth involved just resin.

I chose to try this because of the odd shape and also high cost of a new cover.

Its working for me so I posted for others to gain a quick fix that will last awhile.

I used acetone on a rag to clean the plastic cover before applying the resin.

What I did was first attach some backing material to reshape the coil where it was worn thru completely.

I did that by attaching a layer of duct tape to the inside of it conforming to its shape.

Then turn the cover over so its bottom is facing up and lay it on some tin foil sheets to give it a flat surface and let the excess liquid fiberglass run onto.

Brush or spread with a tool over all of it . I did several coats allowing drying time in between.

After it dries use an exacto knife to trim excess and then a piece of 60 grit sandpaper was used to shape it where nessessary.

Its an easy fix to extend the life of the cover and also beefs it up a bit especially when they are worn in spots and get really flimsy.

Then put it in place and retape to coil an yer set to go for a bit longer. This can be repeated a few times as I have done so.




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Nice idea Frank,

I will have to do that to my coil. I also use Rust Oleum Tan Truck bed coating. But I think your idea will hold up longer, do they make tan fiberglass resin?



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Don't know about tan color, I used some resin I had hangin around forever.

It seems to be holdin up good so far I'll be hittin it again next week.

I started using Gorilla duct tape to attach the covers and its great too.

I never tried the bed coating yet. It would be easier to apply it seems just a spray bomb.

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I went to the dollar store and got dish covers they have elastic around the edge and you can stretch them too fit different sizes. they also come in qt gallon and pint depending on the size coil you can toss when ragged....

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You might want to have the best of two worlds. Mix up the resin and work your magic. If and when you get a small bit of wear on one or two spots just spray the bed-liner on those small spots. No need to mix another batch of resin. I use the bed-liner on my LST and it works like a champ.

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You can get pigment in a bottle from a paint supply store (think Sherwin Williams or auto body and paint supply, not Home Depot) to add to the resin. That green looks like old duraglass or Bondo resin. Most are not early that green anymore. And several are now more clear to pink/tan/gray in color that I've used in recent years.

If you want to make it especially abrasion resistant, get some gelcoat to go on top. It will not only be much smoother after sending the glass, it harden like an epoxy. Just know that any fiberglass/epoxy will form stress cracks with cover removal unless specifically made for plastic/flexible areas.

There is cheap and easy plastic bumper repair material at the body and paint store the looks suitable, too. I may have to get some... this is assuming I ever get to use ny detector enough to rub through a coil cover :)

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